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List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • What are All School Assemblies?

    All School Assemblies take place on the first day of every week. During these assemblies, students and faculty may make important announcements, showcase musical talent, read poems, or speak about an issue that is important to the entire school community.
  • What is Winter Carnival?

    Winter Carnival is a series of week-long events held each February. Student Council arranges activities and students compete to earn points for either the maroon or white teams. Academic classes meet on a modified schedule during Winter Carnival Week.
  • What are activities?

    Club activities meet every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year. These include Disciplinary Committee, School Council, Model U.N., Excerpt (literary magazine), The Lamplighter (school newspaper), International Thespian Society, and Art Klub, to name a few.
  • How are advisors chosen?

    In the ninth grade, all students are assigned an advisor prior to the beginning of the school year. The number of advisees each teacher has is determined by the teacher’s workload. In grades ten, eleven, and twelve, students have the opportunity to choose their advisor. Every effort is made to give students their first choice.
  • How much homework can we expect?

    Ninth grade students should have approximately 30 minutes of homework in each subject each night. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students should expect approximately 45 minutes in each subject each night. Students in Honors and AP courses can expect 45-60 minutes of work in those subjects. Weekend homework should be the equivalent of one night’s homework. Students should take care to work on long-term projects throughout the week so as not to have a late night just prior to the due date. If homework routinely takes longer than outlined in these guidelines, parents should speak to the specific teacher or Division Head.
  • What is an independent sport credit?

    An independent sport credit can be earned by participating in an after school sport that is not offered at Derryfield. It takes the place of a required sport credit, typically earned by playing a sport at Derryfield. In order to receive a sports credit, the student must submit an independent sport approval form to the Athletic Director at the beginning of the term prior to the term during which the independent sport’s credit is sought. All approval is based on the discretion of the Athletic Director. No more than one independent sports credit may be earned each academic year.
  • When do students meet with their advisors?

    Students meet with their advisors during Tuesday and Thursday Homeroom. Students are free to meet one-on-one with their advisors before school, after school, or during free periods or lunch. Parents and students are encouraged to work with the advisor whenever an issue in the student’s life is affecting his/her overall academic or social performance.
  • What is Academic Review?

    Academic review is time set aside at the end of a trimester in which all the teachers from each grade level review the academic and social progress of each child in the grade. If a student faces particular challenges, a plan of action will be proposed at this time. Only teachers participate in these meetings. Parents may be contacted following the meetings to work on a plan for success for their child.
  • Why do families receive a monthly bill even if tuition is paid in full?

    Students may incur miscellaneous charges, such as field trip or bookstore expenses. All students will receive charges for textbooks purchased throughout the year.
  • What if I have to sign a student out early?

    Parents and legal guardians are the only people who can sign a student out. In doing so, the parent is responsible for sending a note giving the exact time of departure. The student must deliver the note to the Main Office. The student will then be allowed to leave class at the designated time, and the parent or guardian may pick up the child from the lobby. The student is responsible for turning in all work due that day and for getting homework assignments from another student so as not to fall behind.
  • Why aren’t there any locks on the lockers?

    There are no locks on any lockers at DS because our community is founded on trust and respect. Students understand that they are permitted to enter only their locker and no one else’s.
  • If a child must stay home sick, what should he/she do?

    Parents should notify the Receptionist Diane Wall either by phone or email at dwall@derryfield.org. Students or parents may email each teacher requesting homework assignments. Students may find it more convenient to phone a classmate at home in the early evening to get assignments. Families should notify the Division Head and Dean of Students of any extended absence that is known ahead of time. Students will be responsible for making arrangements to make-up missed work in a timely manner as determined by the teacher.
  • What is the policy for permission slips?

    Permission slips are sent home for each individual fieldtrip. Slips include only the approximate cost of the trip; parents will be billed once the final cost is calculated. Once a signed slip is returned to the teacher, a refund will not be issued for any reason. Permission slips also detail the time, date, supplies needed. Parents are welcome to volunteer their chaperoning services to teachers.

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