Celebrating 50 Years

Student Experience

Fifty years of leading lives of passion and purpose.
The 50th offers a time to cherish our history. As we study and celebrate our past, we are in essence creating and affirming the story or myth of how we came to be. The fiftieth also offers the opportunity to act on the values we honor now and to imagine and - thus begin to shape - the school we would like to be fifty and one hundred year from now.

The programs, 50 Acts of Kindness, Commit to 50, and Celebrating our Past, were chosen and shaped by students. They revolve around three tenets: service, experience and share. Students wanted to offer service to the communities around us, they wanted their peers to experience the heft, length and serendipity of the number 50, and they want to share the story of our 50 years.

50 Acts of Kindness

The goal of 50 Acts of Kindness is to honor one of our Core Values, that of giving. Over the course of the year, students will offer fifty acts of service to the communities around us, particularly our sending towns and Manchester. The students chose to implement this program primarily through Derryfield’s athletic teams because they wanted to make sure that every student got to participate and they were seeking a group experience that mixed the grades. Clubs, grade level teams, and small groups from throughout the community are also welcome and encouraged to participate.

Commit to 50

Commit to 50 invites individuals or groups to commit to doing fifty of anything. The program will officially kick off at Country Fair when the eighth graders will run a Commit to 50 booth, and the program will end at Winter Carnival with a "best of" celebration. Send pictures and fun write-ups that can be shared via social media to milestones@derryfield.org.

Celebrating Our Past

Our third effort is to share the school's history. At the heart of this effort will be presentations given at assemblies about the five decades of our Derryfield history. A panel of alumnae who were here at the founding shared their memories of the first years. David Snow '72 and Gary Hirshberg '72 will expand and on the 60's and 70’s on October 26 when they revisit the founding decade.

Throughout the year, students will celebrate with throwback dress-up days, music from eras, and a special assembly in which the middle schoolers will anticipate Derryfield’s future. We will close out our celebration with the picnic on the last day of school when students will present a time capsule to the school.

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