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Alumni Stories

Matt Bagley ’97

Ohio Wesleyan University ’01
Lacrosse, Soccer

“Derryfield profoundly shaped me as an athlete,” states Matt. “Not only did I learn how to train for and achieve success, I also learned how to be gracious and fair at every level of competition, in victory and defeat. Most of all, I learned how to develop and pursue my passion for the sport. This passion—more than anything—has been the driving force behind all of my athletic achievements since high school.”

Lacrosse has been central to his life both in U.S. leagues and in the United Kingdom, and those achievements have been numerous. Many times an All-Star, MVP, or champion in his school, college, and professional careers, Matt is currently the head coach of England’s national lacrosse team and captain of the South of England regional team and has played in a number of British National Championships.

He is grateful to Derryfield for athletic opportunities, but also life lessons. “At Derryfield, I learned about team spirit and loyalty to both sport and institution. These lessons—and the individuals who taught them to me—definitely had an effect on the type of player and coach I would become. My teachers and coaches always taught me to carry myself with class, to be humble and fair in all aspects of life, especially during hard times. That last bit is often overlooked; it’s easy to lose interest or focus when things aren’t going one’s way, either on the field or in life. Maintaining a steadfast work ethic, a positive attitude, and the knowledge that pursuing a dream is a noble and worthwhile calling--these are the values and lessons my Derryfield teachers, coaches, and advisors imparted.”

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