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Student Artists Adorn Flamingos

Becky Barsi
Students in the 6th grade art class have been exploring painting through art history. The class all read a Scholastic Art Magazine article titled The Top 10 Paintings You Should Know. Students were then tasked with identifying an artist and painting from the reading, or one from their own explorations, and completing a research guide. 

With their research, students developed a brief  summary of the artist and painting that was shared with the class. They also identified characteristics from the painting (e.g., colors, emotions, shapes, symbolism) and then created their own miniature compositions inspired by the painting they researched.

These compositions were then translated onto a three dimensional surface, in our case a FLAMINGO! Painting on a three dimensional surface provided an additional challenge for the students as they are more comfortable with painting on paper or canvas. The class needed to examine how their paint strokes would change on this unique surface and how it could impact their composition. Once complete all of the flamingos flocked to the lawn outside of the MS entrance for the Derryfield community to enjoy. 

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