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Middle School Model UN

Adelino Vellis
Model UN (MUN) is a simulation where students take on the role of a delegate representing a country in the United Nations. The goal is to negotiate with other countries, and to propose solutions to a global problem. Delegates prepare by researching information about their country, and their country’s position on the topic. Adelino Vellis '28 writes about his experience with Derryfield middle school Model UN.

With all the preparations completed, the Derryfield delegates put on their suits and traveled on November 19 to Northeastern University in Boston, to the largest middle school MUN conference in New England. The day was full of debate, with all delegates providing their input and ideas when drafting resolutions. Sam Krasnof ‘28 and Ryder Proulx ‘29 helped oversee the negotiations. The topic was “Preserving and Protecting Indigenous Languages,” and the delegates had many ideas. Sam and Ryder proposed a television network which would broadcast indigenous languages. Gemmy Pham ‘27 and Grace Beuerle ‘27 proposed an educational approach, which would teach indigenous languages in schools. All the Derryfield delegates were sponsors, as well as signatories, on the resolution. Even though not everybody was able to go to the Northeastern conference, spectacular work was done by Matthew Hitchcock ‘28 and Eloise Burns ‘28 as they proposed resolutions with the 8th graders. Their topic was “Protecting Access to Clean Water Around the World.”

After the conference was over, I was invited to represent Derryfield at the December Invitational Model UN in Boston. This conference was crisis-style, meaning there was no preparation before the conference. I was paired with a student from Wellesley, MA. We collaborated to find new solutions on how to integrate artificial intelligence into agriculture. Derryfield oversaw and passed all three resolutions/directives. 

Model UN has allowed me to become more self-confident, and has built up my public speaking skills. It has taught me to listen to two sides of a story, and how to negotiate. It has given me the opportunity to make great friendships, and to collaborate with other people. Model UN has taught me skills which I will keep for the rest of my life. 

NOTE: As a result of his preparation and engagement in the negotiation process, Adelino Vellis ‘28 received a Certificate of Excellence from the United Nations Association of Greater Boston. This is the third time in two years that Vellis has been recognized.

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