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Academic Vision

Student Leaders Attend Summit

Elaine Loft
On Friday, April 15, 50 student leaders, led by Head of Upper School Reina Stimpson, explored the topic of “Ethical Leadership & Decision Making” during a two-hour luncheon meeting. Representatives from the class, student, and discipline councils, along with the student, club, and athletic leaders from both the Upper School and the Middle School counted among the attendees.

The meeting opened with a group brainstorming of the five most important qualities of a leader. The participants offered: the ability to communicate; kindness; responsibility, sociability, inclusiveness, trustworthiness, and self-awareness. To this list, Dean Stimpson added: wisdom, self-confidence, integrity, and determination. The students then discussed how they could integrate some of these qualities into their own leadership styles.

After lunch and collaborative time, each student group gathered to report on the progress they had made this year, and to outline plans for next year. The Equity Club would like to have bi-monthly speakers who would address all interested students (not just club members) and continue their partnership with Waypoint. The Spirit Club hopes to fundraise, increase attendance at sporting events, and plan more fall activities to introduce the DS spirit to new students. The Disciplinary Council would like to have weekly policy meetings, increase communication with the Dean of Students and address the dress code policy. The Art Club proposed repainting the student bathrooms, having an art sale as a fundraiser, and making seasonal cards for charities. The Middle School Student Council is looking for more student leadership opportunities, more organized MS clubs, and designated club meeting times.

The participants in the Leadership Summit left the meeting with a high level of energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

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