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Equity & Belonging

Finding Your Blueprint

Manchester-based social-impact innovator Deo Mwano served as Derryfield’s 2021 Sanborn Speaker for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January. With a broad range of professional expertise, from dance to technology start-ups, his work focuses on education, technology, business, community, and individual development. Deo’s presentation during Community Meeting centered on Dr. King’s speech to Philadelphia high school students in 1967 titled, “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” It featured performance segments with local artists and performers, which were pre-recorded on Derryfield’s campus.

Of Dr. King, Deo recalled that he was not as celebrated then as he is now, noting, “He challenged the status quo and advocated for groups of people who were largely marginalized...those who had power at the time didn’t like his narrative because it confronted the norm.” Speaking directly to Derryfield students about the idea of “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” Deo emphasized the influence of “being,” or one’s mindset in developing your blueprint, and how it informs “doing,” or taking action that will bring about positive change not just for oneself but for the larger community.

After Deo spoke at Community Meeting in the morning, he met with smaller groups of Derryfield students during the school day for in-depth conversations surrounding education and social justice.

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