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Derryfield vs. Bedford part 2

Coach Moral
Under no circumstances The Derryfield Girls Tennis Team was going to be swept in the home court of an opponent that was clearly firing on all cylinders on its Senior Day.  Led by the smart and confident play of a fired up Mady Molina and a focused Sophie Brown our team stayed closed in a back-and-forth fight at #2 doubles, which allowed the opportunity for, and eventual execution of a break to go up 7-5, with the other team winning its next service game to setup Sophie to close out the match serving the game to a love win with a backhand winner down the doubles alley and sealing the victory for Derryfield 8-6.
“Julia, you played very well, you moved well your shot selection was on the money, against any other opponent this would have been a quick victory by you winning the point or by forcing an error” coach Gus after the match; however, playing against the 2019 state champion this became a tough engagement that ended with a convincing victory by the opponent after lengthy rallies.  Paige’s opponent, Paige, was able to get even with Paige as Paige was not able to replicate her outstanding performance earlier at the Derryfield courts against Paige, so Paige won.  In spite of her loss Sophie, as she did last time, delayed the start of the doubles matches by lengthening her singles match against a lit-up opponent who was in the zone, yet Sophie fought hard with efforts that led her fight with at least one hard encounter with the fence, but her opponent was able to turn this match to victory.  In her second return match from her injury, Mady did her best against an opponent with steady and consistent groundstrokes, against whom increased mobility could have helped manage the tempo. Charlotte maintained her enthusiasm and positive attitude, while Maya was defending her backhand, yet both met the respective objectives of movement and hitting the brakes and movement and going for the shots, respectively.
Charlotte “R” and Anna Induni, needed more tools in their repertoire to better compete against a pair of more experienced juniors, yet they remained in the fight and remained Derryfield Tough until the end.  Julia and Paige competed fiercely against the seasoned seniors Bedford team, further the caliber of the match may have placed increased expectations for greater accuracy that sometimes did not pan out.
I appreciate the vocal support of our players for the team throughout the match, I am also thankful for the parents/families’ presence and for their vocal support.
We close the week today with an away match against Salem.
(Coach Moral)

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