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Cling, Klang, Twang all pipe but no net

derek lautieri
Cole Giersch, Derek Wagner and Rylan Morgan with four other HB Seniors were recognized before the puck drop. Cole got his first of the season late in the second period (video attached) with a quick shot off a turnover in the slot. Derek continued to apply pressure in the offensive zone while Rylan was making saves literally sitting down. Quinn Silvio hit the goalie's stick end trying to go top shelf, which deflected out of play on a breakaway. Tyler Lautieri had an offensive zone hit that tied up both defenders. Allowing for a shot opportunity for Calvin Reilly from the blue line that clanged off the far pipe. Freshman, Rachel Irving got some game experience and made some key saves to keeping us in the game.
We play again Saturday versus Alverine as we prepare for next week's tournament play. 
Coach D-

The Derryfield School

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