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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

Large-Scale Mural ISP

Anna Welch
Jake and Josh Ehret decided to do their Independent Senior Project (ISP) on creating three large-scale murals to be placed throughout the Derryfield campus. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jake and Josh had planned to paint a series of five murals across the city of Manchester, but they pivoted due to safety and business closure. The twins changed plans and decided to paint murals of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper to hang up on the walls of the Science and Innovation Center. Their third mural was of a cougar, which will be placed outside of the middle school. 

The first few weeks of Jake and Josh’s project were spent creating the Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper murals, which were chosen because of their tremendous impacts in the science field. The Grace Hopper mural was spray painted and completed with no problems; however, the Ada Lovelace mural proved itself to be challenging. There are no photos of her, so Jake and Josh had to spray paint her using drawings for reference. Their final weeks were spent painting a ten-foot-tall cougar, one of the largest pieces that they have ever created. In addition to the murals, Jake built a website that puts their previously completed pieces, mainly customized sneakers and small-scale paintings, up for sale. 

Although Jake and Josh were new to the Derryfield community in their senior year, they have left behind lasting impressions. Outside of school, the brothers have and will continue to produce commission pieces for various businesses and people across the country. In the coming fall, they will both be attending Florida International University in Miami to pursue their art passions. Jake and Josh hope to continue impacting every community they possibly can with their art.

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