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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

Board Games with a Purpose ISP

Jordan Cady
Will Ryan decided to do his Independent Senior Project (ISP) on developing board games called “Fire Bingo” and the “Chatter Wheel.” These board games are meant to help either raise awareness or help others in a particular way. The Fire Bingo game is meant to teach children about fire dangers and what to do when a fire arises, whereas the Chatter Wheel game is meant to combat loneliness for the elderly and to help them start a conversation with others. Will wanted to create a fun way to help people either with certain situational problems or to educate others on dangers. Loneliness and fire safety are both subjects that may be difficult to navigate. By using Will’s board games, they may make the discussions on these matters be a little bit more pleasurable. 
Will began working on these board games this past fall in his STEM courses. In these last couple of weeks, he has been focused on finalizing them. Which meant adding spinners and logos to Chatter Wheel and updating Fire Bingo with feedback from the Bedford Fire Department officials, including the Chief Scott Hunter. Once Will created his board games, he tested them on his target audiences, both the senior citizens and the children loved the games. Many people Will has been in contact with, have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of his games once COVID restrictions relax. Will can not wait to donate the Chatter Wheel game to The Birch Hill Nursing home and to all the others he promised. 

Will’s plan is to mass produce his board games in the future. Then send it to all local nursing homes and fire stations in the area. He has even met with a Staples employee who has directed him to a graphic design team that can help print his games in color. Will is excited for what the future may hold for him and his board games.

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