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The Art of Protest ISP

Jordan Cady
Julia Tilton and Rose Spiegel decided to do their Independent Senior Project (ISP) on the Art of Protest. This choice was inspired by all of the monumental protests that have arised throughout the centuries. Tilton and Spiegel focused their efforts in researching how creative expression has become intertwined with the freedom of speech and how people protest for what they believe in while utilizing their own artistic expression. 

Tilton and Spiegel initially started by researching transformational protests and creating a timeline over the course of history for when and where these protests took place. Tilton and Spiegel collected art pieces such as posters, banners and propaganda from some of these past events and then chose to revolutionize them with a more modern twist. One poster Tilton recreated was of the "Votes for Earth" poster she found from the Women’s Suffrage movement in 1910. Tilton took aspects of the original poster and altered them with the inspiration of the more recent protest called the School Strike For Climate movement in 2019. Spiegel also took her own approach towards artistic creativity within protests. Instead of updating old posters like Tilton, she mimicked the style of posters and propaganda from certain protests in history. One piece she created was her “Use your Voice” poster. It was made with bright and vibrant colors, with a flowery and peaceful message. This poster is supposed to manifest the designs of themes commonly found in the 60s and 70s, but with a 21st century message. 

Both Tilton and Spiegel took their own artistic approach with connecting today’s protests and weaving them into the protests of the past. They want to remind everyone that protests are a way of implementing change and the art that is created at these events are just as strong and moving as our own voices.

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