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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

Kids Kitchen ISP

Jordan Cady
Caroline Hines decided to do her Independent Senior Project (ISP) on creating a digital cookbook for people under the age of 18, called “Kids Kitchen.” She wanted to create a cookbook so she could share her recipes with others but also be able to add to it throughout her life as she experiences different cultures and new places. Her cookbook includes family recipes passed down from generations, new recipes and Caroline’s own recipes she has created herself. Cooking has always been a passion of Caroline’s and she wanted to help others find a love for cooking as she did. 

Caroline created and established her own website so others could access her tips and tricks with ease. In order to finalize her cookbook, she had to write all of her recipes down into a lefibile document, then record and edit her videos of herself making the actual food. Her recipes vary from sweet desserts such as Sugar cookies all the way to savory lunch and dinner dishes such chicken Gyros or Maple Salmon. One of her motivations for this project was to inspire others who were new to the kitchen and to help them navigate through creating a delightful snack or meal. 

One of Caroline’s favorite video recipes was when she and her friend Micheal created a traditional polish dish called Koptyka, which resembles a polish knoki snack. Micheal did the entire video speaking fluent polish where Caroline followed his directions, the ending result was above superb. Caroline made all of the videos fun and interesting to watch. However, watching them on an empty stomach is highly not recommended. Her published cookbook is now accessible for anyone who wants to enjoy her delicious recipes and secret tips within the kitchen.

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