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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

EduTech and App Development ISP

Jordan Cady
Aaron Agulnick decided to do his Independent Senior Project (ISP) on developing educational apps for teaching Afghan elementary students how to read and write in Pashto. Pashto is a minority language in Afghanistan. His app will show flashcards of all the letters in the Pashto alphabet for students to utilize plus learn from and much more. Aaron partnered with a little Norweigan-based company called Brighter Tomorrow, to help create this groundbreaking app. 
Aaron was responsible for taking two different types of the app, the internal version and the template version that were originally in English and then connecting them together to create the “patch version.” This task happened to become the bulk of the whole project. Aaron then used the patch version and other databases of Pashto content from Brighter Tomorrow to help convert the English template into a Pashto system that the company can use for the app. Aaron got to work closely with the CEO and CTO during this creation period. Because of this, Aaron’s work can now be used by the company to make new Pashto apps from English templates in a matter of days. Aaron was able to learn and expand his knowledge for the creation of apps from coding, to bug fixes, and to just overall real world work experiences in the field. 

During this summer of 2020, the app that was created by Aaron and the Brighter Tomorrow team will be installed on devices in some Afghan elementary schools for testing. These will be the first set of edutrack apps made specifically for Afghanistan. Aaron was challenged in many ways helping to create this app. But he is very proud to have his name attached to such an innovative venture. Brighter Tomorrow has even asked Aaron to stay on the project until the summer rollout deadline. Aaron is paving the way for educational help, one country at a time.

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