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Creative Arts

Celebrating Student Artists

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated. Students from all over the United States submit work in sixteen visual art categories, with the regional recipients forwarded to New York in February for national adjudication. The National Awards ceremony and exhibition will take place in June in NYC with a Gold Medal awards ceremony in Carnegie Hall.
It is with tremendous pride that Derryfield announces that 23 individual students and a total of 61 winning pieces have received recognition from the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards, the country’s more competitive juried art competition! This tops last year's 44 winning pieces and is, once again, the most recognition Derryfield art students have ever received from this awards program (35 awards in 2018, 30 awards in 2017, 8 awards in 2016).
Derryfield senior Rose Speigel was one of four students in the state to receive a Portfolio Gold Key for her photography portfolio, titled “Mundane.” Recognized portfolio students planning on attending post-secondary schools and majoring in art will have an opportunity to be considered for additional scholarships provided by area New England colleges. In fact, Rose also received a $1,000 scholarship from the New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association.
An award ceremony in February recognized the student accomplishments, and the winning artwork is now on display in the Inspiration Loft in the Science & Innovation Center.
Congratulations to all of the student artists who took a risk and submitted their work this year! 
Honorable Mention Winners: 32 Total
Emma Abate - Sculpture "War to End All Wars"
Ruby Amorim - Drawing & Illustration "Twelve Scattered"
Ruby Amorim - Drawing & Illustration "Washed Out"
Ruby Amorim - Comic Art "Anxiety in Panels"
Frankie Brant - Photography - Untitled
Nicole Christian - Digital Art "A Door to Another World"
Nicole Christian - Design "Ocean of Emotions"
Jake Ehret - Photography "Standing on Your Own"
Josh Ehret - Digital Art "A Moonlit Night"
Josh Ehret - Photography "What a Mess"
Kavin Fitch - Digital Art
Erin Glossner - Photography "The Sewers"
Lila Kelsey - Photography "Resting Bird"
Lila Kelsey - Photography "Lost Finch"
Anna Lapadula - Mixed Media "Eye-Dentity"
Kevin Li - Photography - "Out of the Bath"
Molly Margolis - Editorial Cartoon "The Silent Oppressor"
Sophia Smith - Photography "Counting Calories"
Sophia Smith - Photography "Dimensions"
Rose Speigel - Mixed Media Untitled
Rose Speigel - Photography "A Different Path"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Close"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Party Glasses"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Plastic Glamor"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Shimmer Gloss"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Testing Patience"
Jason Wang - Design"Levitation - Nike Ad"
Emma Ward - Printmaking "Red, Blue Lungs"
Fiona Yang - Drawing & Illustration "Head in the Clouds"
Fiona Yang - Drawing & Illustration "Winter"
Natalie Young - Drawing & Illustration "Islamism; a Peaceful Conversation"
Natalie Young - Painting "Swept Away"
Silver Key Winners: 21 Total
Nicea Armstrong - Photography "Elfemere"
Nicea Armstrong - Photography "Jaw"
Ryan Barto - Mixed Media "An Individual"
Nicole Christian - Digital Art "A Splatter of Imagination"
Nicole Christian - Design "Sleep Hygiene"
Steve DeCeasar - Digital Art "Power of the People"
Steve DeCeasar - Design "Certainly Questionable"
Jake Ehret - Photography "The Lab"
Jake Ehret - Photography "Locks and Chains"
Jake Ehret - Design "Put on a Happy Face"
Josh Ehret - Photography "The Lone Owl"
Josh Ehret - Photography "Spooky Season"
Josh Ehret - Design "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Josh Ehret - Digital Art "Mystical Night"
Josh Ehret - Painting "Obsidian Skull"
Mitch Regan - Photography "Basketball"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Patterns"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Shaken"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Slipping Under"
Fiona Yang - Drawing & Illustration 'Skye"
Natalie Young - Drawing & Illustration "Backyard Bird Triptych"
Gold Key Winners: 7 Total
Ryan Barto - Photography "A New Color Spectrum"
Jake Ehret - Photography "Juice Isle"
Erin Glosner - Photography "The Arms"
Rachel Irving - Comic Art ""G" is for Girls"
Kevin Li - Photography "Time Triptych"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Progression"
Rose Speigel - Photography "Shipping"
Gold Key Portfolio: 1 Piece *NHAEA Portfolio Scholarship Winner
Rose Speigel - Senior Portfolio "Mundane"
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