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Middle School Presents Frozen Jr.

On the first day of November, the Derryfield Middle School Musical of Frozen Jr. was unveiled to audiences. Elementary school students from local schools who had buddied with DS students in the past came to view the production. The first viewing was also open to DS students available during that period, and after seeing the teaser earlier in the week, we were excited to be able to take part as Lamplighter reporters. 

The play, as a whole, was very impressive visually. During Pallavi Saxena’s performance as Elsa in the number “Let It Go,” the color scheme of the lighting, props, and stage drop all contributed to engaging the audience. The lighting was a dark blue, and they added the effect of snowflakes swirling on the walls. They also had backup dancers dressed as snowflakes, with shiny capes to exude the tone of a magical moment. On top of that, Elsa had an ice throne, which brought the entire set together. However, one of the most exciting moments during this number was when Elsa had a costume change! Saxena changed into the light blue dress, which was one of the most memorable moments of the movie, and this pulled the entire experience together. The other costumes did not disappoint, because they were just as realistic as Elsa’s. The crowd seemed to especially enjoy the costume of Olaf, played by Jack Krasnof, who had a big, life sized stuffed animal of Olaf attached to him. To put the finishing touches on the costume, Krasnof wore a white shirt, white pants, and a blue scarf, hat, and gloves. 

Even with all these great costumes and sets, one prop that stood out was the trading post. The prop was a brown wheelbarrow, with a sign that read, “Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post”. Combined with the costumes, this created the imagery of a lonesome hut, engulfed in a serene winter wonderland. Overall, the great costumes and set complemented the actors and actresses, that made the audience hooked.

Although the play strayed a little from its Disney counterpart, Derryfield’s Middle School proved themselves with their performances. Sam Rapaport was a bubbly and animated Anna, contrasting the reserved and poised Elsa, played by Pallavi Saxena. The on-stage sisters both had great shared performance with the song, “For the First in Forever (reprise)”. Other standout performances came from Jack Krasnof as Olaf, who got a lot of laughs with his song “In Summer.” 

Many of the local elementary school students that came to see the show cited Olaf as their favorite character. Sven and Kristof, played by Chloe Bremberg and Gabe Poritzky, were a great comedic duo, who also worked well with co-stars Krasnof and Rapaport. Quinn McGinley was a deceiving and sly Hans and Michael Blair played the paranoid Duke of Weselton; both did a great job portraying the villains of the story. The audience gave a round of applause when Anna stepped on Hans’ foot— it takes a good actor to make the audience not like you! The ensemble, appearing in almost every song with an impressive dance number really rounded out the show. Great job to everyone in and involved with Derryfield’s Frozen!

By Anna Induni ’22 and Eliza Lamont ’22 for Lamplighter
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