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Milestone Participation in ISP Program

Brian Adie '19
Spring 2019 marked the first year that the entire senior class took part in an Independent Senior Project, setting a significant milestone for the program. When I started at Derryfield, only a handful of seniors took part in an ISP, but the program has slowly gained popularity. Seniors began to notice what participating in an ISP could mean for them not only as students, but as future professionals.

The ISP program is not just growing in numbers. The requirements have become much more rigorous, calling on students to be more accountable and strive towards bigger goals. Some projects from this past year include building a tiny house, learning to fly, designing jewelry, working with artificial intelligence, and observing medical work, among others.

I was compelled to undertake an ISP because I wanted to experience an environment outside of Derryfield. Despite how thankful I am for everyone who has helped me at school and the friends I have made, being in the same place around the same people for seven years can become tiring. Before seniors go off to college, they want to experience a workplace so that they are prepared for life on their own.

The ISP program also encapsulates the challenges that come with professional life. Adults are guaranteed to face problems in the workplace, and plenty of seniors have experienced this reality while working on their projects. However, the students are well prepared, as they have overcome their fair share of obstacles during their time at Derryfield. The ISP program is the perfect capstone for a Derryfield education that has equipped students with the skills they need to take on hardships and succeed for the rest of their lives.

Brian Adie '19
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