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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

Filmmaking ISP

Brian Adie
There are countless logistical puzzles to be overcome in making a film, but Ian Davis, Matt Michaud, and Mark Rotering are working through these challenges to produce a short film for their ISP. It is no surprise that this group would want to focus on a creative project like this, as they have all been a part of the musical or play throughout their high school careers. Matt will be going into film in college, and Mark and Ian are both interested in acting, a perfect fit to make a film.
The three friends know that what they are creating will not be an award winning film, but they want to create a wholesome story that has a strong message from start to finish. In the 8-15 minutes of run time that they envision, they are attempting to create a story that entertains and resonates with the audience, no matter the hardships that they face.

So far throughout the project they have had several challenges, most notably developing ideas for the story. They are finding it difficult to create ideas that help the story make sense and then agree on how to implement those ideas into the film. Another challenge that they have faced is organization. As Matt explained, their ISP is somewhat “atypical” than the more mainstream ISP’s, and it can be difficult to know how to balance the number of creative and technical tasks that need to be completed..

Ian, Matt, and Mark are three extremely talented and creative young men with years of experience behind them, and possibilities that lie in front of them are endless. Although their film may not end up as perfect as they want it to be, it is a stepping stone towards a more successful career in creating works of art.
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