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Cougar Spirit

Derryfield Wins Big to Head to Final

Gustavo Moral
While on court one Abi was taking what turned out to be the only bullet for the team at 3-8, Nancy was finishing a match in which she outclassed her opponent with an easy 8-1 win that quickly evened out the day for Derryfield. Julia and Paige took matches that were going back and forth in the early stages, taking charge at key moments and consolidating the lead to cruise to 3 and 4 victories, respectively-I understand that Paige closed out the match with an ace.  And now we were up 3-1 and all the eyes were on courts 2 and 3 were hard hitting battles were going on between Emma and Miranda and their opponents; Miranda quickly took charge consolidating a break by successfully serving for the match. And now it’s 4-1 Derryfield and there is just one court separating the team from making it to the finals.  Under a high-charged atmosphere given what’s at stake and with both players hitting blazing shots, Emma calmly reached 9 games to her opponent’s 7 to clinch the win for Derryfield that will put the team in another Division 1 final.
While the doubles may not have had the numerical importance with the match decided, there was still the pride of both teams on the line and all three doubles still had the intensity of what was a tough match.  After being down 7-4, Abi and Emma showed a lot of character by staying in the match, not giving up and gradually fought their way back to an eventual win 9-8 (7-5) in a tie-break; Abi and Emma were solid at net.  When Miranda tells Paige in the middle of the match that Paige needs to teach her how to hit a certain shot, it illustrates the depth of this team; their strong doubles play led them to close out the match at 8-5.  Julia and Caroline were simply too strong at #3 and once they figured out their opponents’ skills and strategy, sailed to an 8-2 win; very good hitting by both players: congratulations!
And now the hard work of the girls has taken them to the finals, and I hope that all of you congratulate them on this step and encourage them on their upcoming match, on which I trust that you will show up and support your team, Derryfield Girls Tennis.

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