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Varsity Crew Wins Three State Championships

Annie Branch
What an amazing day for Derryfield crew! These athletes’ hard work all season paid off at the 2019 Granite State Championships, held in Hanover on the Dartmouth racecourse for New Hampshire rowing programs that race four-person boats and field a roster of less than 50 athletes.

Despite the graduation of last year’s top boat, which finished second at the 2018 championships, Derryfield entered two varsity girls’ boats (same as last year) in the event. Both boats raced in morning heats required for the top varsity boats to qualify for afternoon finals. A relatively novice lineup in second boat rowed in only their second race of the season and, while they held strong, did not qualify for the afternoon finals. The first boat, comprised of two sophomore and two freshmen rowers, had an amazing race in the heat and came in second, qualifying for the afternoon final! They finished a strong fourth in the afternoon, showing they are a boat to be watched over the next few seasons. The hero of the day was coxswain Aaron Agulnick, who coxed both girls’ first boat races AND both boys’ first boat races. He certainly put his vocal chords to the test that day!

On the boys’ side, Derryfield fielded five boats (three varsity and two novice), which was two more than last year. Unlike last year, the top two boats won their morning heats, meaning all five boats would race in the afternoon finals. The first novice boat had a tough course, colliding with other crews early on in the race, and finished fourth of five crews. The second novice boat, having only rowed in their lineup a few times before race day, placed a respectable second behind a strong Upper Valley crew. Cam Wilding once again pulled double duty as a rower in the first boat and coxswain of the second.

The most exciting races of the day came next, with second and third varsity boats winning their races by comfortable leads. To top it all off, after catching a few crabs early in their race, first boat had their best sprint of the year to pull ahead of the competition for a two-second win. It was a great victory for all the boats, but especially sweet for first boat seniors Mark Rotering and Max Karpawich, who have stuck with the program through thick and thin. They took home the Varsity Boys’ Championship Cup. and Derryfield has three state champions in the boathouse!

As a team, Derryfield finished tied for third place in the race for the points trophy, an amazing feat for a relatively small and young program. With only five seniors graduating (and none from the girls’ program), the future looks bright for Derryfield crew! The other exciting piece of news for the end of the season is that our second and fourth boats qualified for New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championships. This is the first time since 2010 that any Derryfield boats have qualified for this prestigious regatta. They will be racing on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA this Saturday, with morning heats to qualify for afternoon finals. What a phenomenal accomplishment!

Congratulations to all rowers on your contributions to an amazing season for Derryfield crew!

Girls' Second Varsity Boat: Aniah Curtis, Mary Tierno, Adelle Raymond, Sydney Sieper, Riyah Patel
1. Dublin 5:41.9
2. HB  5:46.7
3. UVRF-Leb  5:49.2
4. Derryfield  6:44.0

Girls' First Varsity Boat: Grace Rotering, Mia Cullen, Ally Cobery, Iris McColl, Aaron Agulnick
1. UVRF-Leb 5:39.5
2. Dublin  5:41.3
3. HB 5:45.4
4. Derryfield  6:01.3

Boys' Second Novice Boat:, Anthony Yang, Ambrose Liu, Nam Vo, Matthew Farrah, Cam Wilding
1. UVRF-Leb 6:12.4
2. Derryfield  6:58.3

Boys' First Novice Boat: Nick Byron, Mirza Becirovic, Tristan Allard, Cam Wilding, Isshori Gurung
1. UVRF-Leb 5:41.9
2. Dublin  5:48.5
3. HB  5:54.5
4. Derryfield  6:05.9
5. MRA 6:35.8

Boys' Third Varsity Boat: Micah Johnson, Jackson Pelletier, Duncan Donovan, Emmet Pim, Adelle Raymond
1. Derryfield 5:27.9
2. MRA 5:44.1
3. Dublin A 5:53.0
4. Souhegan  5:55.7
5. Dublin B  6:35.3

Boys' Second Varsity Boat: Caleb Kramer, Charles Renvyle, Andrew LeBlanc, Colin Connors, Sophia Smith
1. Derryfield 5:15.0
2. Dublin  5:22.4
3. HB  5:25.4
4. UVRF-Leb  5:44.3

Boys' First Varsity Boat: Mark Rotering, Max Karpawich, Rylan Morgan, Ian Gargasz, Aaron Agulnick
1.  Derryfield 5:09.0
2. UVRF-Leb  5:11.0
3. MRA  5:13.2
4. Dublin 5:22.9

Team Points
Dublin 19
UVRF-Lebanon 18
Derryfield 12
HB 12
Souhegan 1
Brewster 0

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