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Upper School
Independent Senior Projects

Jewelry Design ISP

Brian Adie
There are many creative minds in this year’s graduating class, and Ada Hu is one of the most creative of the lot. The National Scholastic Art Award recipient is spending her ISP designing jewelry in China. Ada chose her project because she is planning on majoring in fashion design at RISD, and believes that jewelry design is very closely related to the fashion design world. She believes that having a basic understanding of jewelry design when she goes off to college will facilitate her vision of combining her fashion designs with jewelry that she creates. Mainly working with metal materials, by the end of the project she hopes to combine all she has learned to create a final piece of jewelry that will serve as a culminating piece of a month’s work.

Ada is finding it most difficult to learn and refine completely new skills. The work that she is doing with metal includes welding, grinding, and sawing; work that she described as being very slow processes that require a lot of patience. One piece she is working on took seven hours to saw the shape out of a copper board. Not only does metal take a considerable amount of time to work on, but the material does not always do what she wants and will occasionally break, causing her to have to start over.

Ada is one of the smartest and most creative minds in the class, and there is no doubt that despite the challenges she is facing, she will create a beautiful piece of jewelry and use this experience to influence her fashion design later in life. Designing your own jewelry with no past experience may seem impossible to many, but Ada is not one to back away from a creative challenge.
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