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ISP in a Political Office

Brian Adie
Politics in America is a very hot topic today, and many more people are becoming involved in the political system and social issues, including Lily Doherty who is spending her ISP working in a political office in Concord. Lily is interested in becoming involved in politics and helping to solve social issues; she wanted to get a taste of what careers in that area might look like, such as organizers, holding public office, lobbying, or being an aide. Not only does Lily want to learn about the legislative process as a whole, but she wants to become actively involved during her time with the office she is working with, specifically, giving testimony at a bill hearing. Personally, I have taken some sort of history or political science course with Lily almost every year since eighth grade and have seen first-hand that she is very invested in politics and fighting for what she believes in, so this ISP is a perfect match.  

A secondary aspect of Lily’s ISP is doing research for a professor about passing legislature, something that has found much harder to do than her other work. Because of the research that she is doing, Lily is experiencing all aspects of creating change, not only the work to get a bill passed, but the months of research and writing that goes into creating that bill in the first place, all the while training her for a life in the political system.
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