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Personal Finance ISP

Brian Adie
Although a Derryfield education teaches us many things, personal finance is not typically one of them, so Abi Leonardi, Emmah Nolan, and Lindsey Wagner decided to spend their ISP learning as much as possible about the subject. The trio knew that they wanted to do their project together and wanted to take away something they can use for the rest of their lives at the end of their project. Personal finance was just that, a subject matter that they did not know a whole lot about, but knew that in order to be financially stable later in life they would need to learn it.

Although all three are planning on majoring in different areas of study in college, they are excited to be learning the ins and outs of finance and investment. Previously Abi took investment math with Mr. Watt and had the most experience going in to their ISP, but knew that she still had a lot to learn. Their learning is based in a finance class, different than most project setups, and they are trying to remain positive and be happy as they spend their last month of high school in one class. Emmah said that when you work in one class for several hours a day every day it can quickly become boring, so they are taking steps outside of the class to “keep money interesting.”

When they started doing their independent work they faced the challenge of not knowing where to start with what they wanted to do, and how to go about it. Because they are doing this independent work outside of the class, they are finding that many times they have to teach themselves how to solve a problem. So much of the learning they are doing is challenging their own intellect and helping each other solve problems. As the project continues, the trio will have a much firmer grasp on the work they are doing so that they can be prepared to take care of their own money and spending when they are on their own. But for now it is a group effort to better understand what they need to do so that they are ready for financial independence.
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