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Derryfield Girls Tennis Handed Tough Loss By Good Bedford Team

Gustavo Moral
So, the streak was temporarily suspended tonight at the indoor courts of the Concord health club, where the narrow spectator area was loud and steaming hot, while the playing area was icy cool for those of us not playing.    So on the positive column: Miranda was simply overwhelming with overall flawless execution of her aggressive net game, a combination of penetrating groundstrokes to either finish the point outright , or to set up the next point, she was simply consistent, but of course her game would not be complete without constant approaches to the net, either by deep penetrating groundstrokes or chipping and charging to the net where she simply overwhelmed her opponent by ending the point with an overhead, or a finely dispatched volley to end at a comfortable 8-2.  Her match racing partner Julia took a bit longer, quite a bit, to finish up her opponent at 8-5, I am certain that they probably dreamt about one another tonight as their very similar style of play went beyond to become identical as both had 2-handed shots on left and right.  A tough mental match where Julia proved stronger at the crucial moments, well done and well-earned Julia, you were there all the way, physically, mentally, technically, strategically!  Abi, we knew that you had your work cut out for you today against one of the very top players in the state, yet you fought, you hit hard and made the best of the opportunity presented to you, although you went down, you frankly set the tone to fight and fight hard no matter what the opposition gave you tonight, keep it up captain!  Emma, Paige and Nancy went down fighting and more often than not the scores do not reflect the effort given or the opportunities presented, nor the times that the points in the games were pretty tight, good effort girls and much to build on as we get to the final stretch, let’s go DS!
Going into doubles the score was 2-4, so the contest was still alive and well, but in spite of the great efforts by the senior co-captains Abi and Emma, their opponents prevailed; I know that our doubles partners will store the performance in their memory bank upon which they will download to develop other applications and generalizations.  
The other two doubles matches were thwarted as the contracted time ran out, Miranda and Paige were tied at 3-all and Julia and Caroline were on serve at 1-2.
So, as I see it, we move on to the tournament next week where we will have to show our mettle in what we all hope will be 3 matches.
Remember girls, you must continue to work hard to reach greater goals, which are all achievable.
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