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Rabbit ISP

Brian Adie
Today I spent some time with Ethan Kloc and Noah Gonzales to learn about their ISP, which is to restore a 1984 Volkswagen Golf. Because the two are both very interested in cars and drive Volkswagens, the project makes a lot of sense for them to take up. They hope that by the end of the project the car will be able to pass inspections, but because it is a 35 year old car they have managed to hit quite a few road bumps in the first week. The biggest problem that I observed today is that the car would no longer start so they could take me out for a ride, which would have been very slow because, when running, it cannot drive more than 20mph. Other issues with the car include the two front seats falling off their tracks, a leak in transmission fluid, a barely-functioning gear shifter, and only three working gears. As they explained to me, it is going to be a very long and tedious project because as soon as they fix one issue another arises. Finding the correct parts and instructions for how to make their repairs is quite the struggle in itself. But Ethan and Noah are staying optimistic; with each day they can tell that they are making progress--slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

The first step in making the car ready to pass inspection is making it as safe as possible. They are slightly worried that the engine might blow up at one point, so right now that is their main focus. Once they can fix the engine, or at least make it safe, they want to be able to safely and comfortably drive it on the highway as a normal car should be able to do. Finally, they want to give the car a facelift. After 35 years of rusting, paint being stripped away, and the interior being torn up and broken, they are hoping to give the car a fresh look as they drive it around town. Although the car has several problems and currently cannot run, they are confident in their work and believe that by the project’s end it will be able to operate in a safe manner so that it can be driven legally and without the threat of the engine blowing up.

-Brian Adie '19
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