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Finishing Strong

Ben Dougherty
Spring brings with it a lot of renewed energy and excitement at Derryfield. There is a tremendous flurry of activity on and off campus, the weather is still unpredictable, and people are coming and going to a plethora of exciting events. We have had athletic and musical performances,Independent Senior Projects began this week, prom is just days away and we have already held our annual Senior Celebration. This time of year, students begin getting increasingly eager for summer, more and more sophomores get their license, giving them greater independence, and with the departure of seniors during the academic day, the juniors begin to fill the leadership void. In homeroom and in advisories, we have been encouraging students to have fun and enjoy the beautiful days ahead, but also to stay focused and to finish the year strong. We encourage them to help each other make good decisions in and out of school and to continue to work hard academically and athletically, so that they can all finish the year in a way they are proud of, reflecting the hard work they have put in all year long.

April and May at Derryfield can be both invigorating and challenging. It is a time of year that can feel a bit frenzied, but the experiences and outcomes that students achieve are remarkable. Despite our busy schedules, students, faculty, and parents have been celebrating each other as we take the field or the stage. While we still have five weeks of hard work ahead before heading off to a well-deserved summer break, I am proud of all that our community has accomplished this year and proud of the ways that we have come together in support of each other.

Let’s all bring a renewed enthusiasm and dedication to the final weeks of the school year so that we can finish this year in a way that we are proud of. Let’s make the extra effort to get to a game, a race, a performance or any other event to continue to cheer each other on and cultivate a strong community. Let’s all finish the year strong!
Head of Upper School
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