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Crew Conquers Quinsigamond

An amazing weekend race for the rowers, who faced incredibly choppy conditions down on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA. They raced Bancroft School, Worcester Public, Worcester Academy, Medford Public, and Milton Public, with all boys' boats that raced placing first, and a young girls' first boat placing second. Please congratulate them and wish them luck as we head down to row out of the Yale boathouse next weekend against Hopkins School and Cambridge Rindge & Latin School.

Here is the recap we sent to the team:

The coaches are so very proud of the effort all rowers and coxswains have put into the season so far. We are in a great place with many boats having rowed in their lineups for multiple weeks and starting the season with a high level of fitness. Most importantly, the feeling of team unity and support is stronger than ever.

We have faced some rough conditions in practices so far this spring, which turned out to be great preparation for Saturday's racing at Bancroft. Great job to the coxswains on maintaining a calm head in rough conditions and to the rowers for not giving up in bad conditions. The results were outstanding: wins for all boys' boats that raced, and a second place finish for a young but determined girls' first boat. Last year at this regatta we raced two boys' boats that both came in fifth and one girls' boat full of seniors that came in second.

It was certainly disappointing that M2 didn't get show everyone the great strides they've made and how fast they are. Sadly, that's the nature of the sport. The primary job of the referee is ensure safety, and in their view the conditions were not safe enough to run the race. Those who weren't on the water can't second guess the call, because at the end of the day it's unproductive. We have fast boats and a short week, so we need to turn our focus to next weekend's racing.

We understand the boys' disappointment, and especially Ash, who missed coxing the final race of her senior year. We know they will respond to the disappointment by pushing even harder next weekend.

Great job, everyone!

Branch1, Burnham, Talpey & Branch2

Men's 4th Boat: Haskel Pim, Duncan Donovan, Nick Byron, Cam Wilding, Aaron Agulnick
1. DS 8:03.29
2. Medford A 8:28.77

Men's 3rd Boat: Micah Johnson, Jackson Pelletier, Sander Van Duren, Emmet Pim, Adelle Raymond
1. DS 8:43.00
2. Worcester Public 9:29.54
3. Medford 10:00.49

Men's 2nd Boat: Caleb Kramer, Charles Renvyle, Rylan Morgan, Colin Connors, Ash Sullivan
Race cancelled

Men's 1st Boat: Mark Rotering, Max Karpawich, Andrew LeBlanc, Ian Gargasz, Aaron Agulnick
1. DS 7:33.16
2. Bancroft 7:55.83
3. Worcester Public 8:25.05
4. Medford 8:38.32
5. Milton Public 9:07.76
6. Worcester Academy 10:25.99

Women's 1st Boat: Grace Rotering, Mia Cullen, Ally Cobery, Yeli Nikolenko, Sophia Smith
1. Medford 9:06.68
2. DS 9:32.08
3. Worcester Academy 9:50.74
4. Milton Public 10:19.63

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