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Competing at the Next Level

While establishing a strong foundation for lifelong fitness habits is a core objective of the Derryfield athletic program, coaches are always thrilled to work with talented and committed athletes who aim to compete in their sport at the highest level. Often, this involves committing to a university program as part of the admission process. So far this year, Derryfield has five seniors who have signed letters of intent with university programs. Not only is this an exciting moment for these student athletes to look to the future, it is also an opportunity for them to pause and reflect with pride on the hard work that has brought them so far. We wish all these athletes continued success as they compete at the next level.

Lindsey Wagner: Yale University (swimming)
John Anderson: Providence College (lacrosse)
Max Horton: Hobart College (lacrosse)
Jonny MacLean: Monmouth University (lacrosse)
Jakob Murray: Ohio State University (gymnastics)
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  • Lisa Merrick
    If your lacrosse is that good and you recruit players why aren’t you playing division1? Afraid of loosing shouldn’t be playing with regular high schools
  • Merrick Lisa
    If your lacrosse team is so good why aren’t you playing division 1? Afraid of loosing coach. You recruit players shouldn’t be playing against regular high school teams. Would be interested how you would feel then

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