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Lyceum Gallery

Celebrating Community Creativity

The spring trimester is often associated with the end-of-year scramble as projects pile up and final exams loom in the near future. However, Creative Arts Department Chair Ms. Barsi added an inspiring element to the last few weeks of school as she oversaw the first ever “Derryfield Creates” exhibition featured in the Lyceum Gallery from April 9th through May 18th. 

Student art is periodically exhibited in multiple locations throughout the school, but “Derryfield Creates” shifted the spotlight to the less widely celebrated members of the community: 25 faculty members, staff, parents, families, and alumni. The mission of the exhibition was to highlight the diversity of true creativity, as Ms. Barsi notes that “Creativity comes in many forms and is not limited to the creative arts. One need not be a professional artist or performer to express creative talent. Creativity does, however, require patience, practice, and perseverance.” 

True to Ms. Barsi’s mission, a diverse array of art was on display, from poetry to crochet to pottery. Work that could not be visually shown in the gallery was performed on the evening of the final day of the exhibition. In addition to Ms. Barsi’s own garden crafted from layered paper art, faculty members Dr. Carter (needlework) and Ms. DiTullio (calligraphy and poetry) were featured, as well as Ms. Keefe-Hancock (sewing/cross stitch) and Mr. Induni (poetry), among many others. Mr. McNeil wowed viewers with his motorcycle stunts, and Mr. Hunton and Mr. Bonjorno performed a duet arrangement of “O Danny Boy.” 

Many parents and alumni also participated. Jennifer Johnson, mother of Kellyn Johnson 18, presented her original woodwork trees, and Boyan Moskov, husband to Anna Moskov, displayed a ceramic piece that he described as “A beautiful accent, not a distraction.” Rosalie Steiner 17 returned to show her Scholastic-Award-winning digital manga art, and oil paintings by Colette Chretien 09 were also featured. 

April and May were certainly filled with much-needed inspiration, reminding everyone to seek creativity in the most unexpected of places, and perhaps from the most unexpected of people. Ms. Barsi hopes to make “Derryfield Creates” a biannual event, and we look forward to a bright and creative future in the Derryfield community.

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