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A Look at the Pace of School

Academic Vision Progress Report
This fall, faculty have been crafting a new Derryfield schedule as well as the new courses in the Academic Vision. Since the schedule consultant visit in September, the Schedule Committee and the general faculty have been evaluating three models proposed, and have developed a hybrid. The goals of our new schedule include, among others:
  • calming the pace,
  • increasing students' opportunities to access new courses, including Computer Science in seventh and tenth grades, a Visual Foundations course in ninth grade, and new Ethics and Leadership courses in grades 9-12;
  • using brain-based research to enhance excellent teaching;
  • increasing collaboration between students and faculty for extra help and between students for projects and other group work;
  • maximizing the new science, innovation and athletic spaces.
In January, the new schedule will be announced. Please join us January and February at the US and MS Communication meetings to learn more about the new schedule and to share your questions with us!

In February and June, faculty will participate in professional development on techniques to teach effectively in the new blocks. Many faculty will engage in Understanding by Design, an approach to course design. A cohort will train with Independant School Management and then lead our faculty in teaching to the longer period. Many will participate in a three-day workshop led by the Buck Institute on project-based learning. This summer, teachers of the new Advanced Topic classes will receive grants to design those new courses.
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