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New Facilities

October Construction Update

Anna Moskov
Construction is underway and in each issue of Cougar Tracks we’ll update you on our progress, share what is coming up next, and provide a Q&A. These will be high level updates; anything that is urgent or will impact students will be shared in Nuts & Bolts (like parking arrangements).

Athletic & Wellness:
The foundation has been poured and the rough plumbing in the lower levels has been completed. This is where the future locker rooms, weight rooms, and cardio rooms will be located. The parking lot and access road (which will turn into a loop road for campus!) has its first coat of pavement. In the coming weeks they will start building the interior load-bearing masonry walls, and in November we expect structural steel to start arriving!

Tennis Court:
The new tennis courts will be located across the street on the corner of Bicentennial Ave and River Road. Excavation of the site has made significant progress, and they’ve removed a large amount of rocks and boulders from the site. The retaining walls are being installed and shortly they will be working on installing the under court drainage.

We get questions on the sidelines of games, at assemblies, meetings, and when you call and ask. Here are a few we have received in recent weeks:

Q: I see the construction happening behind the middle school, are we growing our student body?
A: No, the projects will provide the appropriate space for our current programs. Derryfield’s student body will remain in the 390-400 range (we are currently at 391).

Q: Does this mean we will be boarding students in the future?
A: Some neighbors thought we were building dorms, but there are no plans for that now or in the future. We are proud to be the only independent day school in NH!

Q: How will students get to the tennis courts across the street safely?
A: We are working with the city of Manchester, as well as SNHU, to plan for a roundabout at the intersection of Bicentennial and River Road. This will slow down traffic and allow us to put in a crosswalk, but due to planning time and funding, this will not happen in the near future. Until that time, we are working with coaches to establish best practice which could include crossing with students, or bussing over from the main campus.

Do you have a question? Please submit it to amoskov@derryfield.org and we’ll answer in the next edition!

About the Thinking Forward Campaign

The Thinking Forward Campaign supports the construction of the Athletic & Wellness Center, Science & Innovation Center, gifts to The Derryfield Fund (formerly named the Annual Fund), and Endowment. It is an $8.3 million campaign, of which we’ve raised $5.4 million. The needs of the school were identified through our NEASC re-accreditation process, strategic planning, and a master facilities plan (MFP). When complete, the MFP will “right-size” our campus to meet our academic needs, not expand our student body. The current campaign addresses a piece of the needs identified in the MFP. When this campaign is complete, we will continue to work through the MFP, which includes projects like building a Dining Commons, renovation of the Upper School, and more. For more information, please reach out to Anna Moskov, Director of Advancement at amoskov@derryfield.org.
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