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Spring Is Almost Here!

This time of year can be challenging for many students. As we near the end of the term, students are working hard academically to finish strong. Winter athletic teams are often spending long evenings on bus rides to and from games as they make their way toward playoffs. The weather is unpredictable and often discourages as much outside time as we would like. Despite the days getting longer and temperatures being unseasonably warm this week, we have been in the throes of winter for several months now and these past eight weeks represent the longest stretch of the school year without a break of some sort. Despite all of this, I am inspired by the positivity and focus that the school community has maintained. My sense is that there is a lot going on in our world that could warrant giving in to the winter blues, and yet during last weeks Heads Holiday, the Seniors started a spontaneous dance party in the hallway and students cuddled farm animals in a classroom. While there are certainly plenty of things to do and even to worry about, the student community has generally been impressively positive and engaged.

This final week of the winter term may be busy and stressful, but history tells us that once we hit March, we tend to take off like the Falcon 9 rocket. March often seems to have just begun the moment it ends. Our global program trips, many of which depart on March 17th or 18th, and the start of preseason for spring sports, signal an official transition to spring at Derryfield and to the final third of the school year. As snow begins to melt and we begin to eat lunch outdoors, meet for some of our classes in the ravine and have sports practices outdoors, the energy and positivity within the buildings tends to grow. If the sense of community and connection that students and faculty have fostered all year continues to grow, than I for one am excited for the spring that lies ahead. Until then, I plan to play in the snow as much as possible.

Ben Dougherty
Head of Upper School
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