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Upper School Habitat Trip Update

Emanne: Today (Wednesday) was our second day on the buildsite. We split up into two groups and went to two different sites. My group was inside a house that had been completely gutted, working on the bathroom floor. We were measuring and cutting insulation, gluing wooden beams, and drilling. Although I knew that this trip would be a lot of work, I was pleasantly surprised with how hands-on us students were right from the start. We were given tools and were working side by side with experienced builders, even though most of us have little to no construction experience.

Lily: Today eight of us went to work in crawl spaces underneath two different homes. We had to cut, lay out, and tape tarp down in order to keep out moisture and termites. Although it was hard work, it was also a fun and interesting experience!

Matt: Today I found myself beneath a house with 7 peers, a history teacher and a friendly Habitat instructor. Habitat for Humanity has given me the opportunity to crawl in a 4 foot tall space and tape tarps to the foundation walls. It was cold as we brought the snow with us to North Carolina, but also bearable while we worked as a team to get the job done. Even though my work boots were covered in orange clay soil by the end of the afternoon, I was happy to know we did a good job.

David: When I first signed up for this trip, I wasn't sure what i was looking to take away, or even if I would, it was mainly for the experience. There were many parts to take away from the trip: from building bonds as well as houses, to self sufficiency. It was time spent giving back to the community with friends and having fun. It was a cool feeling being able to see our work and the progression of a house being built that was going to be given to someone who needed one. If someone were to take a closer look at this trip, not only would you see people giving back to the community but you would see a group of people having fun and a great experience at the same time.

Antonio: From the moment I entered high school, I knew that I wanted to do the Habitat trip. My original desire was only amplified as the years leading up to this one went on. Whether it was the numerous good things I heard from upperclassman about the trip, or Micheal Collins’ infamous comment: “we literally built a house”, my desire only grew greater. While I kept hearing many amazing things about this experience, no statements about this trip can give it the justice it deserves. Not only is this an amazing experience to give back, but it is also a time to build friendships and leadership qualities that you never thought you would. I can confidently say that I will walk away from this trip truly enlightened about how important it is to give back to a community; not only yours, but to many communities around the nation. Additionally, this trip taught my peers and I how to persevere, cooperate, and problem-solve. Ultimately, this trip has made me realized so much about myself and the world around me, and it is safe to say that this trip is so much more than just “building a house.”
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