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Small School, Big Creative Talent

It is with great pride that I announce that 31 works of art by thirteen Derryfield students have received recognition by the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards!

The Scholastic Art Awards is a very competitive juried art competition for students grades 7-12. This year The Derryfield School submitted a total of 80 individual pieces and two portfolios from 17 upper school students and one middle school student. Their work was considered next to the artwork of hundreds of student artists from all over the state of NH. Gold Key Award Winners will now go on to be considered for national awards, and may be presented in NYC at this year’s annual Scholastic Art Award Celebration. Learn more about the Scholastic Art Awards.

Please join me in celebrating the hard work of these student artists!
Gold Key
Ada Hu '19 - "Hong Village" Printmaking
Olivia Husak '17 - "New Life" Drawing
Olivia Husak '17 - "Veins and Arteries" Drawing
Olivia Husak '17 - "Limb-Lilly" Drawing
Victoria Imbriano '17 - "King of Hell" Digital Art
Victoria Imbriano '17 - "The Violinist" Digital Art
Victoria Imbriano '17 - "Another Raven" Digital Art
Brooke Northrup '17 - "Inner Demons" Photography
Brooke Northrup '17 - "Blinded" Photography
Isabella Parisien '21 - "Young Eyes" Drawing *TEACHER: Becca Karp
Taylor Santosuosso '18 - "Differences" - Photography

Silver Key
Susanna Barger '17 - "War Games" - Film & Animation
Olivia Husak '17 - "Individual" - Sculpture
Olivia Husak '17 - Reflections - Mixed Media
Victoria Imbriano '17 - "Jalen Quinn" - Digital Art
Serina Li '19 - "Acceptance" - Drawing and Illustration
Rosie Steiner '17 "Kiwi" - Digital Art
Crystal Xie '18 - "A Glimpse" -Digital Art
Crystal Xie '18 - "Outside" - Photography
Crystal Xie '18 - "Do You Dare?" - Photography
Crystal Xie '18 - "Young Fisherman and The Old Ferry" - Photography

Honorable Mention
Megan Farr '18 - "Muse" - Drawing
Olivia Husak '17 - "Bleeding Hearts" - Drawing
Victoria Imbriano '17 - "Child of Nature" - Digital Art
Katherine Kittler '17 - "Above the Valley of Ashes" - Digital Art
Brooke Northrup '17 - "Zombie" - Photography
Brooke Northrup '17 - "Disappear" - Photography
Anja Stadelmann '17 - "One World: Endangered Species Across the Globe" - Drawing
Rosie Steiner '17 - "Champange" - Digital Art
Rosie Steiner - "7 Deadly Sins +1" - art portfolio
Crystal Xie '17 - "Shenzhen, China" - Photography

The artwork of students from Derryfield and all around New Hampshire will be on display at the Pinkerton Academy Theatre from January 23 - February 12. An award ceremony will recognize the student accomplishments on February 12 from 12-2 p.m. If you are interested in attending the awards celebration, please contact bbarsi@derryfield.org

Becky Barsi
Creative Arts Department Chair
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