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  • June

    Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom

    Among the most important areas of development in recent years is that of curriculum. From the humanities to STEM disciplines, teaching and learning includes discussions of race, racism, and inclusion. Professional academic organizations such as the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) and the Gilder Lehrman Institute encourage teachers to consider the value of students having opportunities to see themselves in what they read and study.* Derryfield’s humanities teachers choose a range of texts that are intellectually challenging and diverse in perspectives....
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  • May

    Joy in Cacophony

    Laura Russell
    Middle School Justice teacher Laura Russell reflects on how some of the technology solutions she used in teaching virtually this spring have actually improved her ability to lead thoughtful, small-group discussions in her classes...
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  • April

    On Living in a Coronavirus Age

    Read excerpts from reflections that seniors in Louisa Burdette's Creative Writing class wrote in response to a piece by C.S. Lewis called "On Living in an Atomic Age." 
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  • February

    A Look at Deeper Learning

    Lindley Shutz
    At Derryfield, we transform children’s lives and learning by drawing on the best ideas in education. One idea that is inspiring us is ‘deeper learning.’ According to Harvard School of Education professor Jal Mehta, in his Education Week article, “No One Has a Monopoly on Deeper Learning,” sustained, powerful education combines three critical elements...
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