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College Counseling

Julia Nees '21 - Princeton University

I chose to attend Princeton University for three main reasons, the first being that’s where my role model and hero Mrs. Michelle Obama graduated from. The second, of course, has to do with the academic rigor and collection of classes. Princeton has an option for majors to be taken along with concentrations. Having the option to gain a level of mastery in several topics was very appealing to me. The last reason is because of the atmosphere and culture that Princeton promotes. Similar to Derryfield, Princeton has a small-town vibe and a tight-knit community, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Derryfield was such a great source of support through my four years of high school and the college process. DS is truly unique when it comes to student support and teacher support. Throughout our time at Derryfield, my friends and I always felt comfortable getting extra help or emailing a teacher when we were having trouble learning a concept. DS also greatly helped me throughout my college process, which was anything but traditional. Quick shoutout to the wonderful Jill Teeters and Dr. Diane Hotten-Sommers, because without their help and guidance I would not be where I am today! 

The Derryfield School

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