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College Counseling

Clarence Chen '21 - University of Virginia

I chose the University of Virginia because I am determined to cultivate a robust quantitative background through an undergraduate mathematics major to prepare for my master’s degree in Business Analytics. The sub-major financial mathematics at UVA immediately caught my attention. Beyond the classroom, UVA’s stringent academic atmosphere also appeals to me tremendously. Plus, I have been selected as a member of Echols Scholars, who are granted benefits, including being exempt from the College’s General Education requirements and participating in a range of programming unique to Echols Scholars.

The Derryfield School supported me to succeed in my education and college process both in and out of the classroom. As an international student, I always felt a sense of belonging and support at Derryfield. As for the college process, Ms. Teeters, as my college advisor, provided me with extensive help in my application process. From settling down the list of universities to choosing my college, she was always ready to give me valuable suggestions combined with my situation whenever I was facing a problem.

The Derryfield School

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