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College Counseling

Ellie Small '21 - George Washington University

From the start of my college process, I knew that I wanted to be in an urban city at a large university. My love of politics, public policy, social justice, and law drew me towards D.C. I love the rich history of the city and the wealth of knowledge that it holds. GW also has a great political science program and a 4+1 program so that I can complete my Master’s of Public Policy early before heading to law school. 

Derryfield allowed me to find who I am in my professional and personal life. Derryfield taught me a strong, and efficient, work ethic, how to lead solutions to complex problems, high-level collaboration, and a commitment to serving others. I felt so fortunate to my advisors, college counselors, and teachers for helping me recognize my strengths and passions into a career plan that I am excited to begin. I am especially thankful for the college essay advisor program at Derryfield, which allowed me to have an assigned English faculty member, the amazing Dr. Hotten-Somers, edit my many essays, supplements, and help me identify the most important parts of myself to write about.

The Derryfield School

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