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College Counseling

Isabell Plotsker '18 - Vanderbilt University

“My Derryfield teachers and mentors have inspired me in so many ways. Because I have been exposed to such an inspiring faculty, I decided that I too, wanted to become a teacher. I chose Vanderbilt University for their outstanding education program and commitment to educating and inspiring future educators.

I would like to thank my advisors Mr. McNeil and Mr. Bradley for always supporting and demonstrating to me each day what it means to be an inspiring teacher. All of my English and History teachers have provided me with solid writing skills that were invaluable in the college process. Derryfield is also so lucky to have Mr. Barnard’s expertise; he made the college process for all of us seamless. All I had to do was tell my truth, because the nuances of the application process were familiar to all seniors.”

The Derryfield School

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