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Passion & Purpose

What if your teachers were also your collaborators?

At Derryfield, relationships are key. Not just with your peers, but with your teachers and coaches. The close relationships between students and mentors allow students to pursue their passions beyond the scope of the typical classroom, and enable teachers to really tailor their lesson plans to the individual students in their class. These experiences give Derryfield alumni the confidence to get the most out of their education as they head off to college and the world beyond.
    • Teachers As Collaborators

    • Home for Dinner

What if your child could get an independent school education and still be home for dinner?

You don't have to send your child away to boarding school to get the value of an independent school education. At Derryfield, we pack a lot of value into a school day. Your childand your whole familybecomes part of our school community, while maintaining close ties to hometown friends. It's the best of both worlds.

What if your classroom was bigger than four walls?

Derryfield is proud to be a small school in New Hampshire, but our program is designed to go so much further. Whether you're having lunch with a peer from China, involved in a cross-country class debate, or serving a community in Nepal, Derryfield students learn to look beyond their own experiences, instilling a sense of compassion and meaning in their education.
    • Global Scholars

    • You Belong

What if you felt like you really belonged to a community?

At Derryfield, you belong. And with that sense of belonging comes the freedom to take risks and step outside comfort zones. Our dedicated teachers are there to guide students through the process of discovering their passions. Our students support each other in and out of the classroom, whether in working as teams on a problem or giving a standing ovation after a performance in assembly. You will learn that your voice matters, and that you will always be part of the Derryfield family.

What if you didn’t have to choose between arts and athletics?

Whether you have a lifelong passion or are trying something new, Derryfield's programs are built for you. And don't feel like you need to choose between your interests - whether it's in arts, athletics, service, travel, or something far less common, members of the Derryfield community are always looking for ways to support motivated students in developing new adventures in learning.
    • Freedom to Explore

    • Make an Impact

What if you could change the world?

Community service is more than just a club at Derryfield - it's built into our mission, curriculum, and who we are as a school. Our teachers realize that academic achievement has to come with compassion, or it has no meaning. As a result, our students graduate prepared to be the finest kind of citizens: curious, confident, and committed to lives of passionate engagement.

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