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Our STEM X department introduces students to interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving that leverage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) to solve for X by tackling the unknown variable in a situation, or “X.” Ultimately, the goal is to help students develop their capacity to discover interesting problems, experiment with novel creative solutions, document their work and share their findings. In a STEM X course or activity, students are encouraged to adopt an innovator’s mindset when they problem solve, whether it’s designing software, building a 3D printed prototype or pitching their ideas like entrepreneurs. By challenging students to explore the unknown, we aim to ignite student creativity. In the words of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking about space exploration, “Once the impossible becomes possible, that opens up the floodgates of human imagination.”
  • STEM X - Grade 6

    (Grade 6)
    This introductory course is part of the STEM X program at The Derryfield School, which teaches students how to solve for the unknown “X” by discovering interesting problems, applying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills to experiment with novel solutions, documenting their work and sharing their findings. The course is structured around a series of individual and team design challenges that allow students to explore variety of problem solving techniques and tools, all the while encouraging them to develop the research skills, analytical rigor, creative thinking and entrepreneurial attitudes needed to investigate and tackle real world problems. The topics covered will include the engineering design process, 3D printing, app building, robotics coding and pitching business startups.
  • CODER X - Grade 7

    (Grade 7)
    This course will introduce students to programming using two applications: The Swift Playground App using the Learn to Code lessons by Apple and the micro:bit App. The course will begin using the Swift Playground lessons which highlight key coding concepts while demonstrating how coding is a way of thinking that can be applied to other subjects and everyday life. Students will write real code using Swift, a powerful and intuitive programming language, develop computational thinking skills, and learn programming constructs. Students will be introduced to variables, types, commands, loops, functions, arrays and other concepts aligned with the Computer Science Teachers Association's (CSTA) Computer Science Standards for Level 2. Along with developing programming skills, students will engage in coding and computer science using the micro:bit microcontroller board in the MakeCode coding environment. This part of the course uses a project-based curriculum with a maker philosophy that provides a context for learning coding and computer science concepts through the act of making a project.


  • Photo of Mia Ek
    Mia Ek
    Technology Integrationist
  • Photo of Gianmarco Masoni
    Gianmarco Masoni
    Dean of Innovation, STEM X Department Chair
  • Photo of Peter Talpey
    Peter Talpey
    Math Faculty Member
  • Photo of Steve Young
    Steve Young

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