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COVID-19 Resources

As we have learned in the last 24 hours, the COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving. It is important that we not overreact, but act responsibly using factual information from reliable sources including the New Hampshire Department of Health, World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. A team of Derryfield administrators will continue to track news and global response to the outbreak on a daily basis, and continue to adapt our plans as the situation develops.

Remote Learning Details

In the event that school closes for a period of time, we will teach remotely, moving our teaching and learning online. Our nimble, innovative teachers will continue to offer classes that build a caring, inspiring, and intellectually engaging community and advance student learning. As we know from our four years of teaching virtually through the Malone Schools Online Network, online learning invites exciting collaboration between teachers and students.We all will bring our curiosity, creativity, and intellectual engagement as we always do. Our teachers also understand that the online environment is new to many and will teach and assess accordingly. As with any new situation, we encourage everyone to be flexible and to share ideas and a sense of humor as we adapt.  

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  • Before students leave for March break:

    Teachers and students will have practiced the digital platforms and tools we will use, including various tools on MSA and Google Suite. When students depart for March break, they should bring home the supplies listed by their teachers on the MSA homework page. These would include calculators; laptops, iPads or other devices; chargers; books; and other tools or resources they may need to effectively learn remotely for the foreseeable future.
  • How can students access tech support for remote learning?

    Email helpdesk@derryfield.org for technical questions. Unfortunately, we are not able to support hardware and wifi connectivity issues.
  • How are faculty preparing for remote teaching?

    During our delayed openings on March 4 and 11, faculty were training, planning, and sharing ideas to prepare distance learning lessons. Our IT Department has assessed the needs of faculty to support remote learning, and we have created a shared document for exchanging ideas and resources among faculty. This week, teachers are “testing” remote learning scenarios with their students—similar to how we practice fire drills—so we’re prepared for/experienced with what may lie ahead. They have included activities and discussions into their classes to prepare students in case the remote learning plan needs to be executed.
  • Remote Learning Nuts & Bolts

    Faculty are prepared with online lesson plans and will provide coverage for one another should a teacher become ill.
    • We will continue to conduct classes digitally and design an abbreviated schedule to run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. each day, and the four scheduled classes will meet for 45 minutes each.
    • Daily structure includes taking attendance and continuing to engage as a community through classes, advisory, and other touchpoints.
    • Teachers will post homework daily. 
    • Extra help will be offered daily via Google Meet.  
    • 8th carrier experiences such as LEAD, Visual Foundations, Computer Science, and Exploration Courses will be suspended during the closure.
  • Schedule for teaching and learning from home

  • How parents can support learning from home:

    • Find a quiet, professional space where students can set up laptops and other materials on a table.  
    • Confirm that your children have the materials needed for class, including their devices, chargers, and other supplies listed by their teachers on MSA. 
    • Make sure your children sign in to classes. Attendance will be taken daily in each academic class. 
    • If your child is unable to attend class, please email Diane Wall at dwall@derryfield.org or Andrea Stevenson at astevenson@derryfield.org by 8:30 a.m. or as soon as you can.
    • Encourage your children to approach this new learning environment with openness, curiosity, excitement about growth, and partnership; let their teachers know what is working and not working.
  • How faculty will support learning from home:

    • Teachers will create online experiences true to our core values of community and aiming high and cultivating 21st century skills.  
    • Teachers will be available via Google Meet or email between 8:30 and 1:15 daily. 
    • Teachers will be available during Block 8 and Academic Block to provide extra help via Google Meet. 
    • Teachers will provide feedback, grade, and return work digitally and keep the class moving as best they can to assure content progression. 
  • How students will support learning from home:

    • Dress to learn: because many classes will include videoconferencing (Google Meet) please wear clothes that meet Derryfield dress code.  
    • Find a quiet, neutral space conducive to collaborating and learning, where you can set up your laptop on a table (videoconferencing can heat up a laptop so table tops are preferred versus soft surfaces). Please make sure the area lighting is sufficient for video. 
    • Login to the MSA system during scheduled times.
    • Work on assignments as posted.
    • Submit completed work on time as assigned.
    • Send emails to your teacher or meet with them via Google Meet to share questions and requests for extra help.
  • How can students access academic support for remote learning?

    If you have questions about a specific course, contact the teacher.  

    Advisors can address questions or concerns about multiple courses, how your child is experiencing remote learning in general, or if you need advice about who might help on other topics.

    For Academic Support, contact Jenny Boesch at jboesch@derryfield.org.

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COVID-19 Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The World Health Organization
The U.S. State Department


Michele Leclerc (mleclerc@derryfield.org), School Nurse, for any health-related questions including about returning to school after travel.
Susan Grodman (sgrodman@derryfield.org), Associate Head of School, for general travel related questions and information about the cancelled global programs.
Ben Dougherty (bdougherty@derryfield.org), Upper School Head, or Mark Blaisdell (mblaisdell@derryfield.org), Middle School Head, for questions about what students should bring home for spring break or other classroom related questions.

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