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Upper School Activities

Academic challenge, personal growth. What happens in the classroom is only the beginning.

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  • Art Club

    Calling all creatives! Art Club is a weekly opportunity for students to cultivate their creativity and artistic skills, no matter their experience. The club switches between blocks of open studio time–where anyone is welcome to use the art room to work on artistic endeavors–and units where students are encouraged to join and learn how to use unique art materials. Examples of past units include crochet, glass painting, and henna art. In addition to working studio time, Art Club also takes on projects around the school and in the surrounding community. This club is open to all students looking for a supportive creative environment. (advisor: Mrs. Barsi)
  • Bloom

    Bloom (previously Lamplighter) is now being offered both as a Derryfield exploration block and a club this year! Bloom is a student-led and student-directed space for Derryfield writers, editors, and artists to create and publish work. Whether it's poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, or something in between, Bloom students are hard at work collaborating and creating pieces for our digital literary publication! (advisor: Ms. Assetta)
  • Breakthrough Manchester

    Teach, Learn, Lead. Experience the spirit of Breakthrough Manchester and the power of Breakthrough’s innovative students-teaching-students dual mission. Join us as a Teaching Intern for 5 Super Saturdays throughout the school year or as a paid summer Teaching Fellow. Hone your teaching and leadership skills by working directly with Manchester middle school students. (advisor: Deb McLoud)
  • Derryfield Ambassadors

    Derryfield Ambassadors serve as representatives for the school in a variety of capacities throughout the year. First and foremost, they operate on the front lines of the admission process by being some of the first contacts for applying students and their families. Responsible for enthusiastically and articulately conveying the Derryfield experience during campus tours and admission events, ambassadors polish their public speaking and presentation skills and develop incredible confidence in the process. Derryfield Ambassadors are also instrumental in the execution of annual events, including Day of Giving, Grandfriends' Day, and Commencement. (advisor: Ms. Pratt, Mr. Lange)
  • Discipline Committee

    The Upper School Discipline Committee is composed of students from each grade and chaired by designated faculty members. Student members are elected by their classmates, and faculty members are selected by the Head of School. They meet with students who have been found guilty of violating a rule/policy in the handbook. They help to determine the consequences for that student. DC is also in charge of handbook edits, along with any general discipline guidelines. (advisor: Dean Roberts)
  • Equity Club

    Equity Club strives to provide students with a safe and educational space to discuss inequities surrounding gender, race, sexuality, and more. We seek to create a more inclusive Derryfield community by fostering an increasingly welcoming and diverse culture within our space. We hold a safe, non-judgmental space where students can come to discuss social inequities in our lives and in the greater community. We strive to learn about things we can do in our everyday lives to fight for social justice, and we will work throughout the year to design and host our annual Equity conference. (advisor: Ms. Shutz)
  • GIVE (Community Service)

    The acronym of GIVE implies its purpose - Get Involved, Volunteer Everywhere. A GIVE member does not just get involved in their community through service: they also understand the value behind that service. Through this understanding, a student will not just volunteer, but also engage in a meaningful experience that brings happiness to everyone. GIVE helps to create equitable and accessible service opportunities for its members as well as the general DS community. For example, A popular opportunity that GIVE helps orchestrate every year is Special Olympics, where Derryfield students either coach or facilitate athletic events for children with disabilities over the span of several days. In short, GIVE is the key volunteering group for students at DS. (advisor: Ms. DiTullio)
  • GLOW (Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever)

    GLOW stands for “Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever!” and we are an LGBTQ+ affinity group. Our goal is to provide a space where all students can share experiences, ask questions, and feel comfortable exploring their sexuality and gender identity without fear of judgment. In previous years, GLOW has been listed as a club, however this year we have officially become an affinity group. This ensures more confidentiality for those who attend meetings and allows us more freedom as to when we meet. GLOW is open to everyone and anyone who may be interested in queer topics as we believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their identity and when learning about others’. (advisor: Mr. Bonjorno and Ms. Thirkill)
  • Green Club

    The Green Club is a group of students that explores all aspects of climate change and sustainability within the DS community as well as the greater manchester area. Members of this club host events and seek other opportunities to research and implement more sustainable practices into Derryfield’s everyday routine. Off-campus activities are also offered in this club such as beach cleanups, science exhibitions, etc. We hope to bring in more guest speakers as well, as hosting Gary Hirshberg (alumnus of DS and former CEO of Stonyfield) was an amazing experience. (advisor: Dr. Moon)
  • Initium (Yearbook)

    The Derryfield Yearbook (known as the Initium) strives to create a meaningful memento that highlights the story of Derryfield. We are storytellers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers, editors, and more. Each year, we focus on what makes the Derryfield community exceptional and aim to bring to life the memorable moments that made the year amazing. (advisor: Mrs. Glidden, Ms. Belanger)
  • Latin Club

    Those who love all things Latin can meet and engage. This club also attracts those who have moved on to other languages but remember their Latin roots. We compete in Latin competitions called Certamen. We will be getting ready for these at the beginning of the year, then moving on to helping with Roman Holiday in the latter part of the year. (advisor: Mr. Leary)
  • Math Team

    Math Team competes in the NH SMASH (travel) League, The New England Math League (in school) as well as hosts the AMC 10/12 for all upper school students interested in an elite mathematics challenge. We also occasionally travel with a smaller team to area competitions such as to WPI, Plymouth State, and Harvard. All students of any grade or math level are welcome to join. (advisor: Mr. Induni)
  • Medical Club

    The medical club gives students the opportunity to learn more about healthcare. We meet with healthcare professionals ranging from doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, support services, and more! These information sessions with high-level professionals will allow students to envision a possible future in these different fields of medicine. The information sessions will include a professional's daily routine and educational path, and answer any and all questions about their field. We are planning to make cards to healthcare workers to thank them for their hard work, which will count for service hours! We also hope to organize opportunities for students to shadow at hospitals to experience the hospital setting! If you are interested in healthcare, or simply want a career in the field, please feel free to join our club. (advisor: Ms. Boesch)
  • Model United Nations

    In Model UN, students step into the roles of ambassadors from UN member states to prepare and draft resolutions on the organization's vast agenda. Student delegates in Model UN prepare draft resolutions, plot strategies, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and follow the UN's rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world. (advisor: Ms. Romilla)
  • PACTeam

    PACTeam (Peer Awareness Community Team) is a club dedicated to making a more inclusive and caring community throughout DS, connecting through ages and grade levels. Upper School students connect once a month with Middle School advisories to teach students about the kind and caring DS experience (while connecting through games and activities as well). (advisors: Ms. Perkins and Ms. Cheetham)
  • Red Cross Club

    The Red Cross Club strives to provide a helping hand for those in the face of dangerous, life-changing emergencies or conflicts all around the world. We are a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers who enjoy helping others in times of need. We will have many opportunities to help individuals all around the world who are suffering from environmental, military, and many other crises. Our annual events include things such as blood drives as well as fundraisers to raise charitable efforts for the Red Cross Association. (advisor: Mr. Little)
  • Robotics

    FIRST Tech Challenge teams (grades 7-12) are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format. Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles (like keeping an engineering notebook) while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas. Teams also assist with events that we host at Derryfield. (advisors: Mr. Young, Mr. Eng, Mr. Pankratz, and Mr. Brandt)
  • Spirit Club

    This group is responsible for fostering school spirit and enthusiasm throughout the year in a variety of areas including games, dances, and spirit days.  The newly revamped Derryfield Spirit Club plans to restore DS to a school dedicated to lifting the spirits of its students and allowing independence. Spirit Club knows that we can take over and promote independence in the student body and provide more “by students, for student” experiences. Spirit Club does not usually meet as a FULL club, however, and more so is driven by engaged and confident students who reach out to help with spirit days, games, etc. All social events that the spirit club hosts will be run through DSLC. (advisor: Mr. Cousineau)
  • Student Government Council

    This is the student governing body of the school, guiding some decision-making for the school. The Derryfield Student Council is the name of the student government body at The Derryfield School. This council's focus is policies, administration, schedule, and giving the student body a voice. Overall this council is the key communication between the student body and administration to facilitate change! (advisor: Ms. Stimpson)
  • Student Life Council

    Derryfield Student Life Council (DSLC) is an organization of students elected from each class. The members work to plan social events for the school community, like winter carnival. They also help their class fundraising efforts by planning dances or the Junior class talent show. Overall DSLC is a council that brings the community together through creative and social activities. (advisor: Greg Lange)
  • Women in STEM

    Women in STEM is a club that strives to understand the difficulties women face in male-dominated fields as well as to get a broader sense of STEM careers available through interviewing women in these fields. We hope to encourage women into these fields if they find a speaker's career interesting. We want to hear many different perspectives and advice from them. We often hear from guest speakers and interview women in the STEM field and hear about many jobs and perspectives throughout the year. (advisor: Ms. Watt)

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