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Alumni Stories

Over fifty years of leading lives of passion and purpose.

Life After Derryfield

List of 3 news stories.

  • Inside the Classroom: Sandy Stonebraker ’09

    When I graduated from Derryfield, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It baffled me that at the age of eighteen, some of my peers knew exactly what they wanted to do.... 
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  • Following Different Paths: Matt '02 and Derek '05 Boelig

    We are both very fortunate to have attended Derryfield and being there as siblings made the experience all the more memorable and special. We were able to share experiences in the classroom and learn from each other, the incredible faculty, and our fellow students. Some of our fondest memories together were outside the classroom, like manning the middle infield for the baseball team and playing saxophone together for the jazz band. We are both thankful to reconnect with the Derryfield community and share how being a Cougar has led us down the path to where we are today....
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  • Asking the Right Questions: Kristie Migliori ’07

    How can you make the mousetrap car travel a longer distance? What are the five themes of geography for your favorite movie? At Derryfield, the teachers taught us to look beyond what is right in front of us by asking the questions to gain a deeper understanding. Now I spend the majority of my day asking the questions, sometimes to the dismay of my teenage patients....
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