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College Counseling


Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.

Aim High & Balance

These two of The Derryfield School’s core values are also guiding principles for the College Counseling program. The college search and application process is one that is ripe with opportunity for self-discovery and growth. We encourage students to identify their strengths and interests and to develop skills of self-advocacy and independence. We work individually with students and their families to think big, plan ahead, and find a college fit that will meet their wants and needs. Every fall, over a hundred colleges and universities visit Derryfield’s campus to meet the young people who will bring intellectual engagement, positive citizenship, and unique talents to their school communities. Each student has a story to tell and we help them find and share their voice. This is the Derryfield advantage.

The Right College Fit

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  • Andrew Leblanc '21 - MIT

    Finally, Derryfield is encouraging. I wasn’t even going to apply to MIT going into senior year, as I thought it was completely out of my reach. I’m immensely thankful for all of the gentle nudges from my advisors, teachers, and coaches that resulted in the best outcome I could have asked for. 
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  • Cailynn Vanderpool '21 - Syracuse University

    Through the resources Derryfield provided, I felt fully supported in all of my academic endeavors. From the lovely community of supportive students and friends to the caring teachers who strive to help students achieve their personal goals.
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  • Julia Nees '21 - Princeton University

    DS is truly unique when it comes to student support and teacher support. Throughout our time at Derryfield, my friends and I always felt comfortable getting extra help or emailing a teacher when we were having trouble learning a concept.
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  • Clarence Chen '21 - University of Virginia

    The Derryfield School supported me to succeed in my education and college process both in and out of the classroom. As an international student, I always felt a sense of belonging and support at Derryfield.
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  • Ellie Small '21 - George Washington University

    Derryfield taught me a strong, and efficient, work ethic, how to lead solutions to complex problems, high-level collaboration, and a commitment to serving others. I felt so fortunate to my advisors, college counselors, and teachers for helping me recognize my strengths and passions into a career plan that I am excited to begin.
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  • Lucas Gendron '21 - Trinity College, Dublin

    Every member of the Derryfield community is celebrated for their individual interests while being encouraged to experience new things. Such encouragement led me to find new passions for investing and international politics which I plan to study next year in college.
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  • Nat Pagliocco '21 - Boston University

    I knew I was ahead of other applicants simply because Derryfield allowed me to be a part of so many different clubs and activities. I am so grateful to all of my teachers that not only taught me so much but supported me through this difficult year.
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  • Samantha Induni '21 - Georgetown University

    My teachers at Derryfield encouraged me to see the nuance in each subject, whether that was the political tension in the Roman Republic or the concept of the distortion of space-time. I loved listening to faculty teach what they were passionate about.
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  • Zoe Cousineau '20 - U.S. Coast Guard Academy

    I was given opportunities to step outside my comfort zone while still feeling safe if I failed, which was one of my favorite aspects of the Derryfield community.
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  • Emma Pyles '20 - Connecticut College

    In every class that I have taken at Derryfield, the teachers have
    encouraged students to ask questions, welcomed differing
    opinions, and emphasized seeking extra help.
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  • Ridge Gonzales '20 - Bentley University

    For me, Derryfield strengthened my identity as a person and as a
    student by providing me with challenging school work and
    collaborative work with my peers.
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  • Kevin Li '20 - The University of Michigan

    The greatest gain for me from Derryfield though is a more open mind, better critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation of what it means to be a part of a community.
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