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Morgan '13 Wins Scholarship at Poetry Slam

Congratulations to Zoe Morgan '13, whose outstanding performance at the Chester College Poetry Slam in Portsmouth earned her second place and a scholarship to the TurnStyle summer creative writing program....

Congratulations to Zoe Morgan '13, whose outstanding performance at the Chester College Poetry Slam in Portsmouth earned her second place and a scholarship to the TurnStyle summer creative writing program. The TurnStyle program is an intensive college-level writing experience that exposes high school students and recent graduates from all over the country to working writers, writing styles, the workshop experience, and advice about writing so that students can take a passion for writing to the next level. Zoe's poem Who I Am is, "about teenage lives and figuring out who you are and what that even means. It's about how society gives you the labels to use but it's much bigger than just words. It's hard figuring out who you are and who you want to be at this age and because of the social pressure you can get lost in the midst of it all. Life changes and past events can affect how you turn out."

Who I Am
By Zoe Morgan

Who am I?
To be who you are is
Like an identity
A label
A word found only in the dictionary
Written by crumbly people
To describe in just one term
Who they are
Like it's not a mix of things
Of emotions
Like it's not
Thoughts processing beyond
Recognition of the ending and final status
Like a final status exists
And I find new tactics
To discover
Whether I'm a girl
Who likes a girl?
Or a boy
Or that skirt
Am I a flirt?
Or an emotionally deceptive person
Who can't seem to find a time
When I wasn't alone
So I match a persona
Because their life is influential in my daily decisions
And the precision of the division within myself
Of which side am I today
The one who can be portrayed as
A little emotionally free
Flirtatious with anything that moves
The side that can be seen a door
You can't see through me and apparently
I swing both ways
Or am I the side today
To decide today
That I am somebody else
Timid and meek
Unable to speak
My mind is secluded to think personal thoughts
Yet follow a specific outline of another being
Making sure my actions
And reactions
Are the same as I think they would be
And I live in the moment hoping that
The epiphany, the empathy,
The philosophy of life and who it is
To be a white girl with red hair
Who wakes up in the dew morning
Looking in the mirror wondering
Who am I going to be today?
And I make that choice
In that morning silence of
Puffy eyes and confusion
Whether or not today I'll be the girl
Who eats to stay happy
Or doesn't consume anything
To stay thin
Whether I'm the girl who
Dresses promiscuous
Or the one who dresses inconspicuous
Which girl I'll be today
Whether I'm astray
And full of an attitude of aggression
Or am I the girl who's filled with confession
Of emotional discharge led by
Insensitive insults bent on myself
Because of insecurities that stem back
To elementary
Elementary my dear Watson
What's in me?
Because I swear it was knocked out
On that playground when
I was tormented for the tears
That streamed and the fears
That stopped me from being me
And everything I've done
Has an outcome that was unexpected
I've interjected
And got rejected
And I'm perplexed at the immensity
That surrounds my being
Because everyone else knows
Who they are
I don't have a conclusion
To this confusion
Of self delusion
As to who I am
I am a mix
Of adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and nouns
All jumbled into one being
Shoved into my blood
To label myself
Never to change myself,
Yet over time I,
Constantly change myself,
My mind is an ever changing
Machine pumping out
The newest version,
2.0, 3.0,
But I am no corporate owned
Machine churning out
The newest trend
Of me,
Society's model of a 2011 teenager;
I may not know who I am
But I know who I am not.
Yet the question burns on,
And when will I know?

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