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Student Life

A Complete Education

At Derryfield, the idea is to become not just the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be. Arts, athletics, community service, and student organizations all present ways for students to pursue individual interests, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, make lasting friendships, and enjoy the many rewards of being a part of something greater than oneself. Student life at Derryfield is busy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and energizing all at the same time. The opportunities to discover and fulfill your potential as a member of our community are endless. That's because at Derryfield we want you to be yourself, only better.
Campus News
An Artistic Tour of New York City
Every year the Advanced Studio Art class makes real its study of art, and travels for two long days of deep immersion in art galleries. This year’s trip began at 6:00 a.m. so we could arrive at Dia Beacon for a private tour of Michael Heizer’s North, East, South, West. Standing directly beside these shaped voids that drop 25 feet down through the gallery floor was a great wakeup to a very full weekend ahead....

Please Exit Stage Left
This spring, my son turns double digits and I am left wondering where 10 years has gone. I am pretty sure that it was just last week that we were celebrating the fact that he could walk on his own! This has me thinking a great deal about my parenting and how it has shifted, evolved, and hopefully improved over the past decade. Needless to say, the learning curve has been steep! I am reminded of the power struggles, bonding moments, laughs, tears, and blunders we have shared. He has taught me volumes about myself, life, and the purity of living in the moment. I can only project what it must feel like to be the parent of a graduating senior, though I suspect that in the blink of any eye, this milestone will be at my door. This also has me pondering the varying approaches to parenting that I experience every day as a college counselor....

Sharing Your Student’s Work
Early in the year I did a presentation and blogged about supporting the DS middle school curriculum from home. I talked about how our website allows parents to be aware of all nightly and long-term assignments. It also makes it easy for parents to get in touch with faculty when they have questions and concerns. At the last MS Communications Meeting, a parent made the great point that although she is very aware of the work her child must do, it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to see the work he has done. In fact, with more work being exchanged digitally there may be fewer hard copies of work available to the parent who braves a dive into their child’s backpack. It was an excellent point, and it inspired me to put the topic on the agenda for our next MS faculty meeting....

The College Office…
She approaches my office cautiously, bright colored paper in hand. Her timid head peeks through the door, as if stepping into a carnival “fun house,” ...

Deleso-Frechette '16 Walks with the Pink Penguins
Almost everyone knows what a pink ribbon stands for these days, but not everyone knows as intimately as sophomore Frankie Deleso-Frechette.  Pink ribbons have come to symbolize breast cancer awareness, and Frankie knows all about this disease.  She was seven years old when her mother was diagnosed, the year after she had started "walking for the cure"...
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