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Student Life

A Complete Education

At Derryfield, the idea is to become not just the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be. Arts, athletics, community service, and student organizations all present ways for students to pursue individual interests, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, make lasting friendships, and enjoy the many rewards of being a part of something greater than oneself. Student life at Derryfield is busy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and energizing all at the same time. The opportunities to discover and fulfill your potential as a member of our community are endless. That's because at Derryfield we want you to be yourself, only better.
Campus News
Finding the Perfect Fit
The “perfect college” is like the “perfect marriage”, it doesn’t exist. As much as we might want to believe in the storybook ending where we find the one partner that we were meant to be with, the reality is that despite our urge to romanticize, there can be more than one ideal mate or ideal college...

Two Common Questions about Global Trips
  1. Will participating in a global trip help my child get into college?
“We are looking for students who have an appreciation for the value of a rounded liberal arts education and global experiences.” This is one of the things our Director of College Counseling, Brennan Barnard, was told  just last week at a college planning event, by the Admission Deans from Colby, Brown, Dartmouth and Yale...

"Taking a Punch" with Sarah Silverman
Hopefully you heard that "famous" Derryfield alum, Sarah Silverman of stage and screen, visited us a couple weeks ago in our continuing celebration of our 50th year. Sarah planted some kernels of wisdom in the audience, and I have been waiting to share one with you all that has kept me thinking since she said it. For those of you familiar with Sarah's career or her brand of comedy, you are probably aware that she attracts an adult audience and is never afraid to speak her mind...

Varsity Softball Digs in with New Dugouts
Of all the teams to watch here at Derryfield, and there are many, you might want to keep an eye on those girls playing softball....

Derryfield Students Volunteer Throughout the Community
The halls of The Derryfield School’s upper school were unusually quiet the morning of October 15. No bells, no students rushing to get to their next class, no noise coming from the open doors of the classrooms. It was Derryfield’s Service Day, when normal classes are suspended and juniors and seniors participate in different service activities around Manchester....
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