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Student Life

A Complete Education

At Derryfield, the idea is to become not just the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be. Arts, athletics, community service, and student organizations all present ways for students to pursue individual interests, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, make lasting friendships, and enjoy the many rewards of being a part of something greater than oneself. Student life at Derryfield is busy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and energizing all at the same time. The opportunities to discover and fulfill your potential as a member of our community are endless. That's because at Derryfield we want you to be yourself, only better.
Campus News
Demystifying Academic Review
It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving. There are no students on campus. As I walk down an otherwise quiet Upper School hall, I can hear the murmur of voices up ahead. Unlike a normal school day, when the sounds of busy classrooms surround you, on this day, they come from only one room. I reach the room and, looking in, I see one of the sights that make Derryfield such a special place - academic review....

A Diplomatic Lesson: Eighth Graders and the United Nations
For the past two Wednesdays, Derryfield’s eighth graders got a practical lesson in diplomacy, when Caitlin Moore, from the United Nations Association, came to Derryfield to lead a mini-Model UN, for Laura Russell’s World Justice classes.

Derryfield Gets Back on the Ice This Winter
This winter, Derryfield’s Upper School students will have the opportunity to get back on the ice and play hockey. Having a standalone hockey program was difficult for Derryfield, due to high costs, and the small student body...

Open House, Open Eyes
Last Sunday was a huge day for Derryfield School. A record 101 families came to attend our fall Open House admissions event. You can imagine the goals of the afternoon were to provide an accurate picture of the school and to convert this initial interest into further school visits and applications. However, we would be missing something important if we thought of this event as one that targets prospective families only. Importantly, our current students benefit, as well. You see, Derryfield does something that is fairly unique...

Early Decision Angst: How One Senior Chose The College To Apply To First
From Samantha Fogel:
If one were to lay out all the words to describe Samantha Fogel, “decisive” would never once surface. I’m all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of cold feet. However in the face of choosing a college, I opted to simply don a pair of wool socks and make the decision to commit to one college...
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