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Student Life

A Complete Education

At Derryfield, the idea is to become not just the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be. Arts, athletics, community service, and student organizations all present ways for students to pursue individual interests, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, make lasting friendships, and enjoy the many rewards of being a part of something greater than oneself. Student life at Derryfield is busy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and energizing all at the same time. The opportunities to discover and fulfill your potential as a member of our community are endless. That's because at Derryfield we want you to be yourself, only better.
Campus News
What Are You Doing This Summer?
As we catapult toward the end of the school year, I often ask students about their summer plans. My wife and I recently sat with our three-year-old daughter Mia and 1-year-old son Finn and brainstormed our summer plans together. While the list includes things like climb a mountain, go camping, and swim in the ocean, Mia’s contributions tended to be more novel and specific, like “have dinner on a boat..."

No more "phlegmatic," "mercurial," or "perfidy"? Upcoming Changes to the SAT
Since 1992, when I began working with students to prepare for the SAT, the test has had three major revisions designed to adjust  to a quickly shifting educational landscape and an ever diversifying population. The latest revision will take place over the coming academic year culminating in a New SAT next spring in time for our rising juniors and beyond...

Varsity Baseball Honors Marston '01 with Veterans Count Benefit Game
Former Cardinals Cy Young Award winning pitcher, Chris Carpenter, will be onhand for a fundraising event to benefit Veterans Count organized by The Derryfield School on May 28 at 6:00 p.m. as the varsity baseball team plays their last home game of the season. The fundraiser is to honor the memory of Derryfield alumnus and Navy Seal Blake Marston ’01, who was killed in a military training exercise last January....

“Arts” Lessons
This time of year, on the heels of another memorable Performing Arts Night last Thursday, it seems like a good time for a quick reflection on why we believe the arts are so important at Derryfield. Of course, all the arts - creative and performing - teach about expression through a variety of mediums. They also help develop the kind of creativity that 21st century education advocates say is crucial in our schools. Yet, as Sir Ken Robinson argued in his now famous TED talk...

Strategic Plan - Where We Are Now
A vibrant institution strives for continual improvement, and a strategic plan is a road map paving the way towards that next level of distinction. Derryfield’s plan was developed from the voices of faculty, staff, trustees, students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. It represents the community’s vision for the future...
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