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Student Life

A Complete Education

At Derryfield, the idea is to become not just the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be. Arts, athletics, community service, and student organizations all present ways for students to pursue individual interests, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, make lasting friendships, and enjoy the many rewards of being a part of something greater than oneself. Student life at Derryfield is busy, challenging, fun, inspiring, and energizing all at the same time. The opportunities to discover and fulfill your potential as a member of our community are endless. That's because at Derryfield we want you to be yourself, only better.
Campus News
Creating a Mosaic: A Portrait of Middle School Student Success
Beginning two years ago, as the iPad program was being developed in the Middle School, Pete Brandt and Lindley Shutz began to lead the faculty in discussions about what characteristics they wanted to develop in their students. Teaching history, math and English was one thing, but the teachers felt that less tangible qualities are also critical in building a foundation for success, both as students and later on in life....

The Derryfield Lyceum Gallery Presents Natural Attention
In celebration of fifty years of excellence in arts education, The Derryfield School’s Lyceum Gallery and Sculpture Garden will devote its 2014-2015 shows to highlighting alumni artists. The winter show features the range of The Derryfield School’s successes in the world of art from three very different professional artists. Presenting work: Jeffrey Cooper ‘69, Sara Crisp ‘76, Emma LeBlanc ’05....

Wisdom from the NAIS Conference
When the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) announced last year that their annual conference was going to be held in Boston in 2015, we quickly went to work on how Derryfield could take advantage of the location. Ultimately, we were able to bring every DS faculty member to last week’s conference - an amazing commitment by the school. Although we made up less than one percent of the conference’s 5000+ attendees, our presence was felt. In addition to attending, six different DS faculty/administration members were involved in three different presentations. The primary goal, however...

A MS Visitor with a Different View on Life
On the Friday before vacation, the class of 2021 had a special visitor. She was Stephanie Hurd, a blind woman who works for The New Hampshire Association for the Blind. All 32 students went to Mrs. Whitmore's classroom where Mrs. Hurd talked about the different tools the blind use such as a pen that reads for you and an audio book player....

A Week of Sharing, Learning, and Collaborating with Colleagues
Last week, while students took a break from the routines of school, the faculty met each day to discuss every student individually, to collaborate and share practices from our classrooms, and to identify the ways in which we can continue to grow and improve as educators and as a school...
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