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Lunch Bunch
Book title: Everything on a Waffle, by Polly Horvath
Date: Thursday, December 4
Discussion leader: Ms. Gill Roberts
Place: Mrs. Whitmore's room
Food: Waffles!

Here's the description: Primrose Squarp doesn’t believe that her parents are dead, even though the boat they were on never came back to shore. While she tries to convince others that she is right, she takes refuge in a restaurant where they serve EVERYTHING on a waffle. Everything. This is a quick and entertaining read, and we will celebrate the Lunch Bunch event by guessed it...waffles! Ms. Gill Roberts will lead our discussion of the book, and we hope you can join us.

The library should have copies available at the end of the week, and the audiobook is available as a download in our Overdrive collection. Be sure to let Mrs. Stevenson know if you can join us: we would hate to run out of waffles!

Mrs. Jipson

To Read Books is...
by Cecilia Templeton '17

To travel far and wide
And see impossible tasks become possible
With the help of magic and determination
To open your mind
And learn new things
To gain new powers
And become a better person
To meet all kinds of people
And find lifelong friends
To watch friendship conquer evil
And find that love is more powerful than anything
To go on an adventure
And stand an inch from death
To face your deepest fears
And overcome them
To find out more about yourself
And understand more about others
To destroy any obstacles that get in your way
And always have a clever solution
To escape from problems in reality
And immerse yourself in more terrible troubles