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Our Best for Your Best. That's the Derryfield promise. It's realized every day through small, engaged classes taught by dynamic, dedicated teachers. In Derryfield classrooms, students feel safe to take intellectual risks, and what happens in the classroom is only the beginning. For example, Derryfield's active style of learning brings Middle School science students out to the woods to track animal prints in the snow. It sends Upper School language students to Manchester's Hispanic communities for service learning. It encourages our seniors to complete an Independent Senior Projects that take them, in some cases, all over the world!

Our Middle School Academic Programs combine a seriousness of purpose with a sense of fun and love of learning. Our Upper School Academic Programs result in a 100 percent acceptance rate at four-year colleges for graduates. The fact is, Derryfield is committed to fostering the best intellectual development and the best educational outcomes for all students.

Are you ready to be your best?